Taught in secondary schools for many years and dabbled with education research. Interested in language and practical work, seek to make learning more effective but wrestle with curriculum requirements as a definition of chemistry education.

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  • I totally agree with this approach and thanks to the RSC's fantastic selection of anecdotes I am able to appear at times like a historical guide through the secret annals of real life chemistry.
    I myself tested out the impact of this study
    only to find the time spent sourcing the required images had a massive negative impact on my productivity.
    Intervention masquerading as Cake Thursday and Chemistry Lunch Club prove popular with students so perhaps old Will was wrong about "a rose by any other name". The bottom line is anything that works should be embraced as long as it is time efficient for the teacher.
    Again I say hooray for the EiC stockpile of resources after all who wouldn't want to know more about asparagus and wee...

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    217 Chemistry folklore - Professor reading

    Teaching with stories

  • I'm just doing some prep before the start of term and remembered this article and indeed the series of 5 articles.
    I found these really interesting and helpful and, as a teacher they made me considered how I could better present these topics to dispel/avoid the myths.
    Every word we utter matters!
    More of the same please.

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    Ph colours

    Five ideas in chemical education that must die

  • I keep coming back to this. It is great activity. Thank you

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    The 7 skills of a good A-level chemist

  • It is that time of year when many of us reflect upon what we have learnt or achieved in the last 12 months. For me this article was a huge turning point, thoughts and ideas about language and Chemistry education became consolidated in my mind and plans became action. Language is at the heart of everything, communication, knowledge, even the fine line between understanding and misconception. It was here I first realised that the destination is not as important as the journey. An educator is a guide, we must provide clear instructions to be followed, although it is the product that is assessed it is in its creation that learning occurs. For this reason I have adopted the methods outlined above and I continue to investigate how attainment in Chemistry can be augmented by developing students literacy and oracy.

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    Learning to write in chemistry