Autumn teacher support sessions: December timetable

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Tuesday 1 – Thursday 17 December, online

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Join us for any of our online sessions planned for December. Your education coordinators will be delivering lots of different live sessions to support you with new ideas and resources for teaching post-lockdown. Each session will last from 45 to 60 minutes.

We have been working all summer to develop a rigorous quality assurance (QA) process that incorporates national and international recommendations for teacher professional development standards. We hope that you will now find our sessions even more beneficial.

Find out what sessions are coming up this month using the timetable below.

Tues 1 December4 pm

Analytical chemistry part 1

(suitable for chemistry teachers delivering post-16 chemistry courses)

Join us for a live and interactive session looking at supporting you with the teaching of various analytical techniques and touching on organic chemistry. This session will highlight how to improve your subject knowledge, contextualise and provide resources that will support the teaching of synthesis and chemical tests, IR spectroscopy and Mass spectrometry.

Thurs 3 December

4.30 pm

ASE practical science webinar: chemistry follow up (ASE)

(suitable for all science teachers)

Chemistry is, and always will be a practical subject. This session will consider, based upon recent education research, strategies for delivering practicals in the context of the current situation as well as look to the future of practical chemistry in general. To register for this session, click here.

Tues 8 December

4 pm

Escape the Classroom

(suitable for all teachers of secondary science)

This session will explain how you can run an escape room activity with your class either in the classroom or virtually. We will give you ideas on how to set up your classroom and examples of activities to use.

Thurs 10 December


Atmospheric chemistry

(suitable for all teachers of secondary chemistry)

We understand the need to contextualise chemistry and make difficult topics such as atmospheric chemistry relevant and show how it links to different careers. So this session explores resource examples for atmospheric chemistry, with an emphasis on contextualisation and STEM careers.

Tues 15 December

4 pm

An introduction to the periodic table

(best suited for early career and non-specialist teachers)

We will have a look at what your students need to know, development and history of the periodic table, use of analogies, structure, revision and consolidation, common misconceptions and stretch and challenge activities.

Thurs 17 December

4 pm

Bonding: Misconceptions and teaching resources pre-16

(suitable for all teachers of pre-16 chemistry)

We will look at evidence underlying some common misconceptions and highlight some resources from the Royal Society of Chemistry and other sources suitable for teaching bonding to pre-16 students. 

Keep a look out for more information on the different sessions on the events page.

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