Introducing careers in primary science teaching

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Monday 22 November, 4–5pm (GMT), online

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We are very happy to invite you to our career session, where we will be covering some easy ways to engage your pupils in STEM careers and we’ve invited along some scientists who are interested in getting involved in careers in schools. This session will be delivered by Kate Whetter and supported by Joanna Buckley who are both RSC Education Coordinators. Anyone teaching or supporting primary aged school pupils is welcome to attend, you do not have to be a school science lead or science specialist.


To briefly cover what career support is available from the Royal Society of Chemistry, and provide a networking opportunity between teachers and scientists working outside the classroom.  


We will have a look at current research and best practice suggestions, with a brief activity. We know how busy teaching can get, especially in the past year, so we are keen to ensure we signpost you to quick, easy to use and therefore time-saving resources. There will be time for discussion and asking questions.


By the end of the session you will:

  • have tools/resources that can be incorporated into the classroom
  • have an opportunity to network and share ideas


A version of this session was run for primary teachers in June 2021. Previous attendees’ feedback included:

‘It was great to have the opportunity to talk to people working in different scientific careers and their experiences’. 

’I’m now going to make sure that all of our trips/ visitors link to science and careers allowing the children to have hands on opportunities rather than just listening to a talk.’

Professional development standards

This session is part of a sustained and flexible programme of activities offered by Royal Society of Chemistry. The session will encourage reflective discussion and employs a range of delivery styles. This session is heavily informed by education research and evidence based teaching. Our evaluation process pre-, during and after is rigorous to ensure that we can measure the impact of our work. We aimed for this session to be inclusive for all.

Format of the session

  • This session will contain a presentation, online task, time for reflection, discussions and any questions.
  • We strongly encourage that you use a laptop/tablet to get the most out of this session.
  • This is a fully funded event aimed at anyone teaching or supporting primary science. Please share it with anyone who would find it useful.

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