24 May – 6 June, various universities

Picture of students working at a fume hood

Salters’ Festivals are a series of one-day fun events held at universities throughout the UK and Ireland. They begin in mid-March and run through to the end of June. The festivals provide the opportunity for enthusiastic young students to spend a day in a university department and to take part in practical chemistry activities which are fun! Prizes are awarded to the winning teams and all students receive participation certificates and fun prizes.

Festivals in Scotland:

  • Friday 24 May – University of Edinburgh (P7)
  • Wednesday 29 May – University of Strathclyde (ASN)
  • Thursday 4 June – University of Aberdeen
  • Wednesday 5 June – Heriot-Watt University
  • Thursday 6 June – University of Strathclyde (ASN)

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