Steps into Science summer sessions

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Tuesday 8 June – Wednesday 23 June, online

Join us in June for our Steps into Science summer sessions. These sessions are open to anyone involved in primary science teaching and cover a range of topics:

  • Website walkthrough – feel familiar with Steps into Science and discover our most popular teaching resources
  • Edible experiments – discover the science in everyday eating experiences and how to engage your students with edible experiments
  • Words matter: tacking terminology in primary science – explore challenges in teaching scientific terminology and discover resources to help overcome these challenges
  • Practical science: making measurements – find out why measuring is such an important scientific skill and get ideas for fun experiments that relate to measuring
  • Introducting careers in primary science teaching – an opportunity to meet scientists working outside the classroom, and discover time-saving careers resources

All the sessions are online via Zoom. They will start at 4pm and last just under one hour.

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