In brief…

Students on laptops


This month the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) launches Chemistry check-up, a new online test for students who are just beginning their sixth form chemistry courses. Developed in response to requests from teachers, the resource is hosted on the RSC website

Similar in style to the RSC’s online lower sixthform Olympiad competition, the ‘check-up’ consists of 40 multiple-choice questions of varying difficulty which test the students’ knowledge and understanding of some of the important fundamental topics in chemistry. The test could be used as an introductory ‘warm-up’ activity at the start of term, as a quick check on progress in the early weeks of the course, or as a self-assessment tool for individual students. Students can take the test several times and there is no time limit for each attempt. At the end of the test, students receive individual feedback via e-mail on their performance - broken down into the main areas of chemistry. This is intended to help improve understanding and learning. 

Chemistry check-up will be freely available through the RSC website from Monday 4 September until Friday 13 October 2006.