These videos demonstrate the equipment and method for measuring the temperature change when burning different fuels

This video by SpaceyScience follows the specification for WJEC AS Level practical work. However, on some specifications this practical is recommended for 14–16 students. The method for measuring the enthalpy change for methanol and ethanol is shown. There are no calculations in the video so students could be given typical results and asked to calculate the enthalpy change for each of the fuels. The enthalpy change of combustion of other fuels can be determined in the same way.  Students could be asked to write a method for, and predict the outcome of, burning propanol, butanol and pentanol.

This video has been created by students studying for Scottish Higher qualifications. The pupils describe the method for measuring the enthalpy change of combustion of ethanol. They demonstrate how to calculate the enthalpy change using the specific heat formula and make conversions to find the enthalpy change per mole of ethanol burned. 

The students have produced this practical video as part of their class work. This could be an effective method of revision for students, giving them the opportunity to present and explain the method for specific core practicals as required by the different exam boards. 

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