Teaching the periodic table – live online PD course delivered by professional teacher developers

A collection of colourful periodic table element symbols

Wednesday 15 September, 3.45–4.45pm BST, online

Join us to enhance your understanding of how to help students understand the periodic table.

This session will be delivered by professional teacher developers and is designed to support teachers at any stage of their career, who want support teaching the periodic table to students.

The periodic table is a profoundly useful tool for the chemist yet, for some students, it remains a slightly obscure arrangement of symbols with little connection to the chemical concepts and problems they encounter in lessons. In this remote session, you will have the opportunity to explore creative ideas for introducing and exploring the periodic, look at how the history of the periodic table can support problem solving and scientific thinking in your students, and benefit from the chance to discuss your experiences and questions with other like-minded teachers.

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