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Children talking

Talk for primary science

Explore ways you can encourage constructive conversations and lead children to investigative activities.


Materials cards

Spark awareness of the properties and purposes of materials, while teaching terms like ‘permeable’, ‘transparent’ and ‘magnetic’.

An aerial photograph of cumulus clouds above the sea, with shadows and a ship visible below

The life of water

Get hands on with H2O, changing states of matter and the water cycle. These experiments and investigations involve water in the context of space

A selection of lots of rocks on the ground

Found in the ground

Give your pupils the knowledge and the opportunity to classify materials according to rocks, minerals and fossils.

Picture of an orange bath bomb fizzing under water

Making bath bombs

Learn how to make fizzing bath bombs using ingredients from your kitchen cupboards. Includes video aimed at learners, kit list, instruction, and explanation.

Picture of a modern kitchen

Separation techniques

A video aimed at learners, instructions, and explanation to separate a mixture of water and solids at home or in the classroom with items from a kitchen.

Beyond the RSC

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Logo for Wow Science website, with a cartoon of a rocket

Wow Science

Wow Science provides links to primary science learning materials across the web, helping children to enjoy science both inside and outside the classroom. Created by the Primary Science Teaching Trust in collaboration with Learning Science Ltd. 

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Welsh Water

Discover teaching resources from Welsh Water, including videos, worksheets and plenty of links to literacy and numeracy. Some resources are available in Welsh.

Picture of common household objects

Do Try This at Home

Home learning resources and activities from the Institute of Physics. Browse their free collection of easy and fun physics experiments and download activity packs to use in the classroom or for home learning, perfect for ages 7-11 years.

Cartoon showing equipment for different school subjects

Science resources from Scoilnet

Explore primary science resources from Scoilnet. Includes kitchen chemistry resources and resources about space, as well as many more.

Logo for Gratnells learning rooms

What’s in my tray?

Discover plenty of science activities that you can do using Gratnells trays. The activities include instructions, explanations of the science, and ideas for extension activities.

Logo for the Primary Science Teaching Trust

Resources from the Primary Science Teaching Trust

Find teaching resources for all primary science topics from the Primary Science Teaching Trust.

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Teach biology with the Royal Society of Biology

Discover useful websites and activities for teaching biology topics within the primary science curriculum.

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Primary science resources from STEM Learning

Discover STEM Learning’s curated resources for teaching STEM subjects at primary level.

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ASE teaching resources

Browse resources, journal articles and events from the Association of Science Education (ASE). The ASE support all age groups from primary through to 18+.

More resources

Group of primary pupils watch their teacher do a science demonstration using a candle

Experiments and investigations

Discover experiments and investigations you can do in your classroom. Browse our videos, instructions and teacher guidance.

Make connections

Female primary school teachers reads a book to her class

Cross-curricular activities

Make links across your curriculum with these resources that connect science with history, geography, literacy, numeracy and sustainability

What do scientists do?

Science student in wheelchair works with professor to measure out solutions

Meet the scientists

Find resources to help introduce your pupils to historical and modern-day scientists.