Meet the scientists

Browse resources for introducing primary pupils to STEM careers and historical and modern-day scientists

Six pictures of various scientists carrying out their job roles

STEM careers and skills activities

Introduce primary learners to STEM careers and encourage them to explore their own skills. Includes a game, colouring poster, fact files and teaching notes.

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On this day in chemistry

Explore 366 days of chemistry history in anecdotes. Find out more about what happened on today’s date or explore the whole collection


Faces of Chemistry – Women in Chemistry

Follow the adventures of eight leading women in chemistry and celebrate the common element that catalysed their journeys: a life-changing, chance-taking, thrill-seeking love of science.


Not all chemists wear white coats

Careers posters to generate curiosity and discussion about what a career in chemistry can involve, whilst dispelling the stereotype that all chemists work in a laboratory.

A Future in Chemistry

Read about real-life careers in chemistry and how chemistry meets global challenges. The information in these resources is aimed at secondary students, however, the videos and game are ideal for sharing with older primary students as well.

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Making the difference

Watch our fast-paced videos on how chemistry meets the global challenges we face in energy, healthcare, depleting natural resources and pollution.

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A Future in Chemistry

Real-life career stories and articles to inspire and inform you about your future in chemistry

Graphical image for the making the difference game

Play the careers game

Find a career driven by your passion. Our interactive careers’ game matches your personality and interests with jobs.

Beyond the RSC

Logo for the Centre for Industry Education Collaboration

Centre for Industry Education Collaboration

CIEC promotes awareness of STEM careers by linking primary school science with industry. Visit CIEC’s website for free downloadable science publications that support teaching science to 4-12 year olds, as well as training and CPD opportunities.


Celebrating Scientists with Explorify

Explorify have a collection of activities which focus on diverse STEM professionals, past and present, called Celebrating Scientists. For example, who is Kiara Nirghin? Who is Charles Macintosh? Or you can learn about the role of a ‘super broccoli’ food research scientist and an air pollution scientist.

Logo for NUSTEM

Primary Careers Tool from NUSTEM

NUSTEM has created a database of over 100 STEM careers sorted by science topic. For each career you can find an explanation of the job, counter-stereotypical images of people who do that job and three attributes someone needs to do that job. 

Picture of a female pharmacist

STEM Ambassadors

STEM Ambassadors are volunteers from many different STEM-related jobs. Register with STEM Ambassadors so that you can invite local volunteers to inspire the students at your school.