Primary resources

Teach primary science with ease, using experiments, cartoons, videos and more


Children talking

Talk for primary science

Explore ways you can encourage constructive conversations and lead children to investigative activities.


Materials cards

Spark awareness of the properties and purposes of materials, while teaching terms like ‘permeable’, ‘transparent’ and ‘magnetic’.


Water for survival

Cover topics like filtration, distillation and temperature as your pupils purify water from a muddy pond to survive.

Primary school children with clipboards

Global experiments

Engage your students with hands-on, fully-resourced, group activities that are adaptable for all ages

Primary curriculum guide

Primary curriculum topics

Discover teaching resources to help you cover four key areas of the primary science curriculum: earth science, everyday materials, reversible/irreversible change, and solids, liquids and gases.


Interactive periodic table

Discover the elements through videos, podcasts, data trends and uses