A series of videos demonstrating various simple, fun practicals and demonstrations that you can use to teach about solids

Each video shows how to carry out the demonstration and explains the science behind it. You don’t need any specialist equipment – all of the demonstrations use things you can buy in a supermarket.

Biscuit bashing demonstration video

Investigate the different properties of solids with biscuits and a rolling pin.

Heavy sugar demonstration video

To Investigate the amount of sugar in a soft drink by comparing its weight with a diet drink.

Carbon from a candle demonstration video

Collect carbon soot from a candle to investigate changing materials with your primary students.

Suspended ice demonstration video

Investigate the different densities of water, oil, and ice with primary students.

Intriguing ice demonstration video

Freeze different liquids to demonstrate the effects with your primary students.

Different dissolving demonstration video

Dissolve polystyrene cups to demonstrate a different type of dissolving to primary students. This demonstration uses nail polish remover please handle this with great care and follow the safety guidance on the packaging.


Primary science demonstrations