A series of videos to demonstrate changing materials to primary students.


Bath bomb demonstration video

Make a bath bomb with your primary students to investigate gases, and changing materials.

Carbon from a candle demonstration video

Collect carbon soot from a candle to investigate changing materials with your primary students.

Fire extinguisher demonstration video

Put out a fire with a jug of carbon dioxide to demonstrate changing materials, irreversible reactions, and gases to primary students.

Freaky hand demonstration video

Make a freaky inflatable hand to demonstrate irreversible reactions to primary students.

Lava lamp demonstration video

Make a lava lamp to explore mixing liquids and more concepts in primary science.

Intriguing ice demonstration video

Freeze different liquids to demonstrate the effects with your primary students.

Particle disco demonstration video

Demonstrate the movement of particles, and Brownian Motion, with this primary science demonstration.

Different dissolving demonstration video

Dissolve polystyrene cups to demonstrate a different type of dissolving to primary students. This demonstration uses nail polish remover please handle this with great care and follow the safety guidance on the packaging.