Try this investigation to explore liquids and gases, and practise taking accurate measurements

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This experiment focuses on carbon dioxide gas fizzing through liquids. First watch the video of the ‘lava lamp’ demonstration, then find out how you can investigate the mass of carbon dioxide in fizzy drinks with your learners. 

Learning objectives

  • To show understanding of solids, liquids and gases.
  • To understand that gases have mass.

Enquiry skills:

  • To take accurate measurements.
  • To apply maths skills in science.

Watch the video

The video below shows how to carry out the ‘lava lamp’ demonstration.

Source: Royal Society of Chemistry

Make a lava lamp to explore mixing liquids and more concepts in primary science.

Download the supporting materials

Set up and run the investigation with your class using the teacher notes and classroom slides, featuring a full equipment list, method, key words and definitions, questions for learners, FAQs and more.

Teacher notes

PDF | Editable Word document

Classroom slides

PDF | Editable PowerPoint document


What do learners need to know first?

Learners should already know that there are three states of matter: solids, liquids and gases. They should have a basic understanding of the properties of each state of matter.

Equipment list

Each group of learners should have:

  • A set of electronic scales
  • A 500 ml bottle of fizzy drink
  • Measuring jug (with a capacity of at least 500 ml)
  • Spoons, straws or something else to stir the drinks with

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