A series of videos demonstrating various simple, fun practicals and demonstrations that can be carried out with primary students to teach the topic of separating mixtures.

Heavy sugar demonstration

To Investigate the amount of sugar in a soft drink by comparing its weight with a diet drink.

Rainbow of colours demonstration video

Separate the inks in felt tip pens with a demonstration of chromatography for primary students.

Racing liquids demonstration video

'Race' liquids to investigate their viscosity with primary students.

Lava lamp demonstration video

Make a lava lamp to explore mixing liquids and more concepts in primary science.

Suspended ice demonstration video

Investigate the different densities of water, oil, and ice with primary students.

Different dissolving demonstration video

Dissolve polystyrene cups to demonstrate a different type of dissolving to primary students. This demonstration uses nail polish remover please handle this with great care and follow the safety guidance on the packaging.