Hayley Bennett

Hayley Bennett is a freelance science writer and editor based in Bristol, UK. She covers biology, chemistry and the environment and, in over a decade of writing, has tackled everything from the origin of life to feeding tea to cows. Her articles have appeared in BBC Focus, Chemistry World, The Guardian, Mosaic, Nature, New Scientist, The Observer, Science Uncovered and the Telegraph. She spent a number of years covering environmental research and putting together in-depth reports for Science for Environment Policy.

She co-authored The big questions in science in 2013 and published her first solo book, 50 chemistry ideas you really need to know, in 2015. Now Hayley has a son, she spends two days a week chasing him around and three days a week writing. She also runs, bikes, slow-cooks, admires monkey puzzle trees, volunteers at junior parkrun, paints (walls) and takes pictures.

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