Hands-on investigations to engage learners with key topics in primary science

This series is also available in Welsh and Irish

How can we use the properties of gases to defy gravity? What chemical changes are responsible for the mystery of the ‘freaky hand’?

In this series of investigations, learners explore the science behind a variety of exciting yet simple experiments, practising key scientific skills from making predictions to taking measurements and analysing results. As they learn to think like scientists, learners also develop and apply their understanding of core topics in primary science, including:

  • separating mixtures
  • solids
  • liquids
  • gases
  • reversible and irreversible changes
  • states of matter

Each investigation features rich supporting resources, with detailed teacher notes, video demonstrations and classroom slides to motivate and contextualise learning. And don’t worry about finding specialised equipment – the investigations are easy to set up, and you’ll find everything you need in your local supermarket.