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Chemical scientists are developing solutions to society’s biggest challenges. You could help develop a life-saving vaccine. Or invent a new way to cut air pollution. Or create a new type of biodegradable plastic.  A qualification in chemistry opens doors to a wide range of careers.

Want to see what a career in chemistry has to offer you and what steps you need to take to get there? Produced with National Careers Week (NCW), the Careers Inspiration in Chemistry booklet will help you discover your future in chemistry. 

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    Job profiles

    Real-life stories from real-life chemical scientists. Find out what jobs in chemistry can involve and the qualifications that will get you there.

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    What jobs can I do?

    You could be developing solutions to society’s biggest challenges. Discover what you can do with a chemistry qualification.

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    Employability skills

    Studying chemistry gives you skills that a wide range of sectors are looking for. Here are just a few examples.

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    What will I earn?

    A guide to chemical scientists’ salaries, based on real-life evidence. Plus find out how to learn more.

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    Work experience

    There’s nothing like hands-on experience. Here’s how to find it, with a list of organisations you can contact.

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    Do I need chemistry to …

    You’ve got a chemistry A-level or equivalent but will it help you study medicine, dentistry or pharmacy – or become a vet?


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Changing lives

There are so many areas of human and animal health – developing medicines, cutting air pollution, working in antibiotic resistance, progressing medical devices and prosthetics – in which chemistry plays a vital role, prolonging and improving life.

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Fixing the future

Chemical scientists with their eye on the bigger picture: meet those who work to relieve the increasing pressures on the world’s resources.

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Challenging opinions

A collection of short videos showcasing chemical science careers that challenge current thinking.

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Being the catalyst

Chemical scientists sparking change: video profiles from industry, research, business and education.

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Innovating industry

Video snapshots of real-life chemists who are using their skills to help improve how industry runs.