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A Future in Chemistry provides careers information to students to inform and inspire them about the wide range of careers available to people who study chemistry beyond school age. The site provides answers to questions about study and career options, it also contains inspirational content for people looking for ideas about careers in chemistry.



Information for parents, carers and guardians to support young people thinking about a future in chemistry.


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Resources that will help you link chemistry learning at school to future career paths

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Find out how you can inspire young people to consider a future in chemistry

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Resources and websites to inspire young people interested in a future in chemistry


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What chemical scientists earned in 2019

Salaries have increased in line with inflation, and while the gender pay gap persists, it is at its lowest-ever level

Graphic which reads 7,000 students from 265 schools took part in the ASPIRES2 Survey

Industry leaders’ urgent call for government to keep the UK chemistry talent pipeline flowing

Industry leaders have called on the government and education bodies to help school pupils discover chemistry career paths

An image showing a girl holding an Anatomy and Physiology book, with a whiteboard behind that has chemistry concepts written on it

Why you need A-level chemistry to study medicine

Concepts from chemistry routinely come up in medical science – and students need to be able to apply their understanding

University graduates

Accredited chemistry degrees

More than 360 degree programmes at over 60 universities are currently accredited by our well-established and respected accreditation system.

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​The future of schools career guidance in England

Article outlining the Gatsby good career guidance benchmarks and how STEM professionals can get involved.