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Our wide range of inspiring and interactive resources highlight the interconnectivity and relevance of chemistry in the modern world.

Periodic table

Use our app, interactive periodic table website and Top Trumps game to explore the periodic table.


Interactive periodic table

Discover the elements through videos, podcasts, data trends and uses

Top Trumps

Elements Top Trumps

Have fun with the elements and their properties: each of these 30 game cards represents one element, with data on its melting point, density, price, discovery date and atom size

IYPT resources

International Year of the Periodic Table activities

In celebration of the International Year of the Periodic Table, explore the chemical elements using innovative and interactive resources 

Resources to use independently

Test yourself with these quick quizzes

Find out how art and science have been working symbiotically for centuries

Unlock the grid using just your chemistry knowledge…

Revise chemical concepts using computer simulations

Practice your experimental skills with these online, interactive activities

Explore 366 days of chemistry history

Thinking about the future

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Future in chemistry

Real-life career stories and articles to inspire and inform you about your future in chemistry

Events for students

Meet like-minded chemists and learn more about science at a Royal Society of Chemistry event near you.