Innovating industry

Every sector benefits from advances in chemistry

Not all chemists work in white coats in labs: chemistry impacts just about every industry and area of business. It’s behind the extraordinary innovation and technological advances that foster entrepreneurial spirit and regularly transform the industrial world.

  • Robert still 2

    Associate principal scientist, food

    Robert builds computer models to predict how different food chemicals will enhance the taste and texture of chocolate, biscuits and other snacks

  • Mariam Khalfey

    Development chemist, printing and inks

    Mariam shares how she makes custom inks for their customers so they can safely print on food (like eggs) and food packaging providing vital information to the public 

  • Margot still 3

    Research innovations manager

    Margot is at the cutting-edge of science developing ways to make plastic biodegrade quickly and explaining this to others

  • Food testing

    Flavourist and innovation director

    Claire creates new flavour combinations to improve the taste of everyday food products

  • Nanotoxicologist


    Vicki examines how tiny nanomaterials present in everyday products such as medicine, electronics and clothing interact with our bodies to ensure they are safe to use or consume

  • 0712CW-FEATURE-Olympics_Fig1_630

    Sports scientist, British Olympic Association

    Brian talks about his exciting role working with Team GB athletes and his part in the 2012 London Olympics

  • Toxicologist chemical

    Toxicologist, chemical company

    Nicholas discusses his challenging work bringing together scientific fields to ensure that their company’s chemicals are used safely and comply with strict rules and regulations

  • A picture showing solar panels with blue sky and white colours top left corner to illustrate an article about fuelling the future with hydrogen, solar and wind power

    Laboratory technician and higher apprentice, solar

    Rebekka tests and finds ways to improve solar panels whilst balancing her studies towards her Foundation Degree apprenticeship

  • Autosampler of NMR spectrometer loaded with samples for analysis. Institute of Organic and Biochemistry Academy of Sciences the Czech Republic

    Scientific associate, NMR spectroscopy

    Christopher uses NMR to identify the structure of new and unknown chemical compounds to support the development of new medicines

  • Image of cleaning products in a basket

    Senior scientist, household goods

    Phillip leads a small team of researchers who improve the performance of household products such as toothpaste and shampoo

  • A picture of cosmetics

    Consumer products technician

    Robert develops materials to improve the properties of consumer products from cosmetics to chewing gum

  • High voltage power lines

    Chief chemist

    Stephen oversees the ways in which chemistry can be used to improve a power station’s performance

  • shutterstock_1382559569

    Investor relations manager

    Marcia updates shareholders, managers, staff and external market analysts with Unilever’s financial performance and strategy

  • old fashioned perfume bottle

    Fine fragrance evaluator

    Sophie helps improve and perfect fragrances created by perfumers. She also gets to travel regularly to Paris, Cologne and Grasse

  • Image of a woman working with smartphone and laptop

    Finance and planning manager

    Lorna’s role in finance gives her an overview of the household, healthcare and personal care products developed at her company

  • TaxAccountant

    Tax accountant

    Georgina discusses why she enjoys working in tax and legislation to ensures companies stay compliant and on the right side of the law

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