Challenging opinions

How chemistry rocks the status quo

Chemistry uses scientific evidence to shake up attitudes, influence changes in our behaviour and find solutions to make things better or more efficient, whether it’s what you eat and drink, how you travel or what you need to be well.

  • Fernando Gomollón-Bel _science communicator

    Science communicator

    Fernando uses his scientific knowledge to explain complex science to the public so they can understand and appreciate the value of these discoveries that are important to their everyday lives

  • charley renney

    Patent attorney

    Charley explains how he makes an impact by helping inventors get legal protection for their new inventions and medicines

  • shutterstock_713386330

    Policy adviser, UK government

    Tom works for the UK government and briefs ministers and politicians about the latest scientific research to inform their policies

  • A view of Earth from space

    Atmospheric chemist

    Zoë’s role involves finding ways to minimise the impact of humans on the natural world

  • Photo of Harsh Shar and Michael Wevil who are chemists at ThamesWater

    Analytical chemists, Thames Water

    Harsh and Michael describe their vital work keeping the region’s water and sewage systems safe and operational at all times

  • Houses of parliament

    Senior committee specialist, UK government

    Xameerah talks about her important role in providing specialist advice on science and science policy to inform the work and policies of the UK government

  • Generic software programming language

    Research fellow

    Lynne shares how her PhD led to a university research career working with large pieces of equipment and computer programs to understand how chemical structures work

  • Emma Sargent

    Senior picture editor

    Emma communicates science to the public by sourcing or commissioning engaging and accurate scientific photographs, illustrations and videos for publications

  • Cancer research UK

    Policy researcher, cancer research UK

    Harriet works at the world’s largest independent funder of cancer research where she helps researchers get support from the UK government and other research bodies

  • Gold bars

    Project manager, world gold council

    Trevor discusses his unique role of promoting the uses of gold to companies across different industries

  • Press conference_Freelance science publicist

    Freelance science publicist

    Sallie develops creative ideas to get good media coverage for science organisations and events

  • A conceptual image showing evidence for a case

    Forensic scientist

    Joni investigates biological samples for the presence of drugs and alcohol and also examines evidence seized by the police

  • Photo of white powder spilling out of a drug capsule

    Advanced apprentice, forensics

    Jamie describes what it’s like to work alongside scientists to deliver a service that supports the criminal justice system

  • hi res shutterstock_526761331


    John investigates the chemistry and physics of the regions of space between the stars

  • Coloured pills and capsules

    Associate researcher, pharmaceuticals

    Discover how you can change people’s lives as a chemist supervising the making of active ingredients in medicines

  • Publishing

    Assistant manager, publishing

    Sophia explains how she combines chemistry and editorial skills to publish scientific discoveries from people around the world

  • Illustration of a sample of blood, labelled 'doping'

    Assistant analyst, drug control centre

    Nicola describes how chemistry enabled her to play a vital part as an assistant analyst in the anti-doping laboratory for the Olympic Games

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