Being the catalyst

Chemical scientists are game-changers in the game of life

Thinking ahead, making a difference, being the spark that triggers change and inspires others – all are part of the world of chemistry. And this is as true in education, as it is in policy making and business development.

  • Michael Hughes

    Teaching technical specialist

    Mike ensures that chemistry practicals run smoothly for everyone using the lab. He’s also involved in Manchester University’s apprenticeship scheme and attracting future technicians

  • charley renney

    Patent attorney

    Charley explains how he makes an impact by helping inventors get legal protection for their new inventions and medicines

  • Katie Lim

    Executive editor, scientific publishing

    Katie uses her chemistry background and works with scientists around the world to advance the chemical sciences by publishing the latest leading research in scientific journals

  • Sandrine Bouchelkia school science technician

    School science technician

    Sandrine works with teachers to design and safely prepare exciting classroom chemistry experiments

  • Secondary school children in the laboratory

    Head of chemistry and teacher

    Kay teaches and oversees the work that goes on in a secondary school chemistry department

  • Dr Geertje Van Keulen is smiling in a laboratory filled with equipment and items, including petri dishes and pipettes.

    Athro Cyswllt, Prifysgol Abertawe

    Mae Geertje yn addysgu myfyrwyr prifysgol ac yn arwain y gwaith o ddatblygu deunyddiau sydd wedi’u creu o facteria.

  • Dr Geertje Van Keulen is smiling in a laboratory filled with equipment and items, including petri dishes and pipettes.

    Associate professor

    Geertje teaches university students and leads the development of materials made from bacteria

  • Tom is inside a cave wearing a protective helmet.

    Senior curator

    Tom identifies and unravels the mystery behind the rocks and minerals of Wales

  • Tom is inside a cave wearing a protective helmet.

    Uwch Guradur

    Mae Tom yn canfod y dirgelwch y tu ôl i greigiau a mwynau Cymru. 

  • Andy Kowalski in front of white, patterned wallpaper.

    Science careers coach and mentor

    Andy supports chemistry students to make good career decisions 

  • Fernando Gomollón-Bel _science communicator

    Science communicator

    Fernando uses his scientific knowledge to explain complex science to the public so they can understand and appreciate the value of these discoveries that are important to their everyday lives

  • Head and shoulders photo of secondary science teacher, Alice Parr

    Secondary school science teacher

    Alice teaches in a secondary school chemistry department helping her students thrive in the future

  • Conservation scientist sitting in her laboratory

    Museum scientist

    Lucia analyses museum objects to help the Victoria and Albert Museum curators understand, date and authenticate them

  • shutterstock_1382559569

    Investor relations manager

    Marcia updates shareholders, managers, staff and external market analysts with Unilever’s financial performance and strategy

  • Image of a woman working with smartphone and laptop

    Finance and planning manager

    Lorna’s role in finance gives her an overview of the household, healthcare and personal care products developed at her company

  • Medical research board_image

    Medical research council board secretary

    Hazel discusses her vital part in funding groundbreaking scientific research through the medical research council by assessing and discussing funding proposals with the council

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