Resources to engage young people with a future in chemistry

As chemical scientists, Royal Society of Chemistry members have a crucial role to play in encouraging young people to consider a career in chemistry. Just talking positively about your professional life and what you do when you meet young people could be enough to inspire them to explore a career in chemical science. 

The Royal Society of Chemistry offers advice, support and resources to support outreach and help you promote chemistry careers and qualifications.

Where chemistry could lead you

Engaging presentations covering what chemists do, what they earn and where they work which you can tailor to your role or experience

If you would like advice on how to adapt your presentation please contact your local Education Coordinator

How to Volunteer in Schools: Best Practice for RSC Members

If you’re interested in volunteering in schools but are not sure how to get started, register your interest  in our online training session and we’ll get in touch when we run the next session. The one hour session will include hints and tips on what to expect in the classroom, ideas of how to promote careers in chemistry to young people and next steps to put everything into practice.


We recommend volunteering as a STEM Ambassador. The registration process includes a free enhanced disclosure check and induction. After that you can find out about upcoming activities relevant to you through a dashboard and simply express your interest. The Republic of Ireland offers similar opportunities through SmartFutures.

If you would prefer to volunteer at your old school (state schools only) we recommend FutureFirst. There are still options to participate virtually in outreach activities. There are other third parties who coordinate outreach activities and work experience for young adults. These include: Speakers4Schools, Scape Group, Founders4Schools, Forage and the Careers and Enterprise Company

You can also contact your local Education Coordinator about outreach activities in your area. They oversee many activities relating to education support, networks and outreach activities within their designated UK region. 

RSC Local Sections may also be involved in events aimed at inspiring young people to take up a future in chemistry. Get in touch with the Local Section chair for your area to find out more. 

Print materials including career booklets, posters and postcards are available on request by emailing

Teacher at whiteboard

Explaining the benefits of a chemistry career

Presentations and resources to help you advise young people about careers in chemistry