Changing lives

Chemistry’s good for our health

There are so many areas of human and animal health – developing medicines, cutting air pollution, working in antibiotic resistance, progressing medical devices and prosthetics – in which chemistry plays a vital role, prolonging and improving life.

  • Tilly_still2

    Analytical chemist

    Tilly does research on human breath samples to potentially diagnose conditions like asthma and infectious diseases including cancer

  • claire4

    Bioanalytical scientist

    Claire’s work involves stress testing new medicines in various stages of drug development to ensure they are robust and reliable before being released onto the consumer market

  • Holly_2

    Associate scientist, pharmaceuticals

    Holly develops new medicines at a global pharmaceutical company, AstraZeneca alongside completing her degree apprenticeship

  • Lewis_still

    Research assistant

    Lewis contributes to cutting-edge scientific research using specialist equipment to potentially diagnose diseases like cancer sooner

  • Forensic toxicologist

    Forensic toxicologist

    Calum helps ensure public safety through the toxicological testing of everyday items like food, cosmetics, electronics, medicines and textiles to ensure they are safe to use and consume

  • Nanotoxicologist


    Vicki examines how tiny nanomaterials present in everyday products such as medicine, electronics and clothing interact with our bodies to ensure they are safe to use or consume

  • 0712CW-FEATURE-Olympics_Fig1_630

    Sports scientist, British Olympic Association

    Brian talks about his exciting role working with Team GB athletes and his part in the 2012 London Olympics

  • Toxicologist chemical

    Toxicologist, chemical company

    Nicholas discusses his challenging work bringing together scientific fields to ensure that their company’s chemicals are used safely and comply with strict rules and regulations

  • Autosampler of NMR spectrometer loaded with samples for analysis. Institute of Organic and Biochemistry Academy of Sciences the Czech Republic

    Scientific associate, NMR spectroscopy

    Christopher uses NMR to identify the structure of new and unknown chemical compounds to support the development of new medicines

  • Cancer research UK

    Policy researcher, cancer research UK

    Harriet works at the world’s largest independent funder of cancer research where she helps researchers get support from the UK government and other research bodies

  • A conceptual image showing evidence for a case

    Forensic scientist

    Joni investigates biological samples for the presence of drugs and alcohol and also examines evidence seized by the police

  • Photo of a scientist taking a soil sample

    Environmental chemist

    James helps protect the environment by assessing the risks to life from certain chemicals in soil, water and air

  • Photo of white powder spilling out of a drug capsule

    Advanced apprentice, forensics

    Jamie describes what it’s like to work alongside scientists to deliver a service that supports the criminal justice system

  • EiC317 - Feature - New Drugs - Hero

    Director of medicinal chemistry

    Find out what’s involved in leading a team of 30 scientists who are researching new medicines

  • glucose-biosensor-275

    Director of IRC in biomedical materials

    Professor Vadgama researches biosensors which monitor changes inside the bodies of patients and athletes

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