Linking curriculum to careers

Resources to help you link curriculum learning to chemistry careers

The Royal Society of Chemistry has resources to help you link curriculum learning to chemistry careers.

Use job profiles of real chemists listed on this site and the resources below to illustrate the connection between studying chemistry and going on to an exciting career that will make a difference to the quality of our world.

Demonstrate how experiments and practical work in the classroom is relevant to a wide range of future career paths.

Experiments and skills

Lively resource to illustrate how practical work develops transferable skills that are valuable for future careers.

Common practicals in the workplace

Show students which careers use the practicals you teach

A-level and Scottish higher curriculum topics mapped to career profiles

These documents link real life careers to curriculum topic areas. They will help you provide your students with real life examples when you introduce a topic. They are written by teachers for teachers. 

Click below to access the document for your A-level or Scottish Higher curriculum:

Job profile curriculum links




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Explaining the benefits of a chemistry career

Presentations and resources to help you advise young people about careers in chemistry

Also from the RSC

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Browse our resources designed to support your teaching of chemistry to primary, secondary and higher education students. Including our collections on analytical and practical chemistry

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