Supporting and inspiring young people

Resources for parents, carers and guardians supporting young people interested in chemistry

How can you support them? 

Our tops tips:

  • Encourage the child to think about their future and talk to them about what they like doing, what’s important to them and how they like to learn.
  • Speak with the child’s school about the careers advice and support they offer. What work experience do they offer? Are there any future careers events or fairs that you could attend together?
  • Do your own research into their study and career options around the subjects they are interested in. Look online for professional bodies for those subjects, as they often provide careers information. 
  • If they are considering further study or an apprenticeship then start your research early as there are a lot of courses on offer. Check the entry requirements for courses and find out when and how to apply.

Encourage them to enjoy chemistry outside the classroom by:

  • watching videos from the Royal Society’s of Chemistry YouTube channel such as the ’chemistry in your cupboard’ series 
  • getting involved with the Chemistry Club at School. If the school doesn’t have one, encourage them to start one. Funds are available through the Royal Society of Chemistry (for teachers), or through STEM clubs (in the UK)
  • attending events such as the Big Bang or local science festivals that run across the UK
  • visiting a Museum of Science and Technology
  • exploring chemistry camps
  • or, trying a university summer school, such as those run by the Sutton Trust

Work experience, work shadowing or internships are useful ways for young adults to gain experience of the workplace, learn new skills and understand how what they are learning in the classroom applies to real world jobs and careers. Find out more about work experience

Careers information booklets

Guides to studying chemistry at school and options after school

What career quiz

A fun questionnaire that shows the many different career paths from chemistry

Additional information

  • National careers service contains information, advice and guidance to help make decisions on learning, training and work. You’ll find lots of really useful information about careers.
  • UCAS has a page for parents and a parent guide. In Republic of Ireland, the CAO Central Applications Office also has a parents guide.
  • Parental Guidance from the Careers Writers Association has information and guidance
  • Futuremorph is full of science-related information and activities for parents and young people


Students in the lab

Information about careers in chemistry

Find out more about the opportunities available to young people studying chemistry