What jobs can I do?

A chemistry qualification opens the door to a wide range of careers options, both in and out of the lab

You could help develop a life-saving vaccine. Or invent a new way to cut air pollution. Or create a new type of biodegradable plastic. Chemical scientists all over the world are working on climate change, human health, sustainable energy…issues that impact us all. What do you care most about? 

  • Changing lives by developing new medicines, vaccines and medical devices
  • Fixing the future by finding ways to cope with the increasing pressures on energy, food, water and other scarce natural resources and to live more sustainably
  • Innovating industry by developing sustainable products and materials, and improving processes
  • Challenging opinions through promoting scientific research and lobbying for policy changes
  • Being the catalyst by inspiring others through teaching chemistry
  • Working outside the lab in areas like the law, finance, journalism, the government and teaching

You will be part of an estimated 275,000-strong workforce (2019) and contribute an enormous £87 billion to UK GDP (2019). Want to find out more?

Jobs, sectors and locations of chemistry-using professionals in 2019 (pdf 660kb)

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Being the catalyst

Chemical scientists sparking change: video profiles from industry, research, business and education.

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Challenging opinions

A collection of short videos showcasing careers in chemical science that challenge current thinking.

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Changing lives

Be inspired and informed by our videos profiling people whose chemistry careers are changing people’s lives.

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Innovating industry

Video snapshots of real-life chemical scientists who are using their skills to help improve how industry runs.

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Fixing the future

Chemical scientists with their eye on the bigger picture: meet those who work to relieve the increasing pressures on the world’s resources.