Information on providing work experiences for young people

As chemical science employers you have a crucial role to play in encouraging young people to consider a career in chemistry. Just talking positively about your professional life and what you do could be enough to inspire some young people to explore a career in chemical science.

18 June Webinar: How might industry placements support your workforce development in the coming months, and what government support is available?

  • The Department for Education (DfE) and the Strategic Development Network (SDN) are hosting a webinar for employers, giving an update on industry placements and T Levels, how they might contribute to workforce development in the current circumstances, and the support now available. There will also be chance to hear from two high-profile employers who have already been offering placements. The session is free of charge

If you are interested in doing more either as an individual or as an organisation there are some excellent resources and organisations that can help. The Royal Society of Chemistry has produced a guide with case studies from chemical science employers who offer experiences of workplaces.

Best practice

Advice and case studies from employers working with schools and young people

Virtual work experiences

Providing work experience remotely might be an option especially if your office is not open at this time. This approach works best for project work that would not require lab-testing equipment.

Our top tips:

  • Set up an online induction for young people to meet different team mebers online
  • Provide onlne training modules
  • Set targetted project work 

Other resources for employers


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