Thematic collections of articles and resources from Education in Chemistry

A 3D illustration of a pie chart, with segments as cross-sections of earth, featuring rock, vegetation, water, solar panels and wind turbines

Sustainability in chemistry

Teaching tips, ideas and curriculum-linked resources to inspire your students and bring sustainability into your chemistry lessons.

The number 7

Simple rules

Practical guidance to make evidence-based teaching accessible

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Ideas for helping students revise for chemistry and science exams

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Teacher well-being hub

The place to go for ideas and strategies on supporting your well-being and maintaining good mental health

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LGBT+-related resources and articles for science teachers

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Women in chemistry

Read about the issues and challenges in reaching gender balance in science and chemistry

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Global science

Experiments, articles and profiles that show the worldwide scope and impact of chemistry.

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Escape room activities

Challenge your students with these exciting chemistry related puzzles

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Decolonising chemistry teaching

Start a conversation in your school with these articles and tips

Three cartoons: a female student thinking about concentration, a male student in a wheelchair reading Frankenstein and a female student wearing a headscarf and safety goggles heating a test tube on a bunsen burner. All are wearing school uniform.

Teaching science skills

Discover teaching strategies and classroom activities to help your learners develop essential scientific skills, from literacy to constructing hypotheses and risk assessment.