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Make time for time off

How to not spend your holidays planning for the new term

A glass fronted cupboard in a science classroom with a periodic table, animal skulls and lab glassware. There is a large window at the back of the cupboard

Discover the one-of-a-kind labs at St Columba’s College in Dublin

Where the science labs were scrupulously designed to optimise teaching and learning – and historical beauty

The Science Teaching Survey 2023

Help to inspire change in the education sector

Complete the survey

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Teach Chemistry offers teachers and technicians in UK and Ireland a range of free or subsidised benefits. Register now to access our full collection of educational programmes and support.

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Chemistry pupil in laboratory holds up experiment while teacher points something out

Teach Chemistry

Discover support designed to help you and your colleagues deliver high-quality, engaging chemistry lessons within a supportive science department. Get access to exclusive benefits for your school or institution, including activities and ideas linked to eight themes of effective practice. All devised to build confidence in your classroom and department

Teachers take notes during a professional development workshop

Teacher PD

Expand your skills, knowledge, expertise and confidence. Take a comprehensive approach to professional development with our well-rounded programme of training and learning that aims to support every aspect of your Chemistry teaching

Experienced teacher mentors colleague

Teacher mentoring

Further your career with our mentoring schemes. We pair experienced educators with early career teachers in order to provide support and guidance, as well as contribute to the professional development of both mentor and mentee

Chemistry student carries out a titration in a school laboratory

UK Chemistry Olympiad

Find out more about the leading chemistry competition for secondary school students in the UK, including how to enter, supporting resources and FAQs

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Curriculum support

Find out how we can support you in delivering the national curriculum for chemistry and science

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