LGBT+-related resources and articles for science teachers to help celebrate LGBT STEM day, an international day celebrating LGBT people in science, technology, engineering and maths

A pink moped and person carry a trans pride flag on a San Francisco street

Be a supportive and inclusive teacher

Simple steps to make all students feel welcome

A long rainbow flag being held by two rows of people, seen from below

Each act of honesty has impact

Saying ‘I’m gay’ is not simple for teachers but it’s worth the effort, says David Weston

The Stonewall Inn, Manhattan

School should be where students freely ask questions

We should create forums where all students can explore issues facing the LGBT community

An image showing participants in the Pride March in Birmingham

Keep telling pupils LGBT+ is normal

How being out as an LGBT+ teacher is the new normal

An image showing a LGBT mini flag inside pot of stationery

Why LGBT+ inclusion is a year-round endeavour

Being inclusive isn’t just about celebrating LGBTSTEM Day

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It gets better – and you can help

Empower teachers to be who they are, for everyone’s sake

Creating an LGBT-inclusive curriculum

Creating an LGBT-inclusive curriculum

A guide for secondary schools

A globe of faces

Supporting diversity and encouraging inclusion

Positive role models are key to attracting a more diverse section of society to the chemical sciences.