Global science

Experiments, articles and profiles that show the worldwide scope and impact of chemistry.

A pile of polystyrene takeaway food containers

Life cycle assessment of fast-food containers


Examining the environmental impact of single-use takeaway packaging

Calla lillies on a green background

How science can make burial, cremation and memorial greener


Does alkaline hydrolysis offer a more sustainable approach?

A small green inchworm caterpillar walking on a large red fruit

Alternatives to agrochemicals


Find out how developments in pest control will secure future food production

Global issues

Discarded plastic and other rubbish floating on the surface of water, with fish visible below

The massive problem of microplastics

As plastics fill up and pollute our oceans, recognising their value rather than thinking of them as disposable could help us deal with what has turned into a large, global problem


Grand challenges set for science students

New competition asks young people to explore solutions for global health and development issues

A globe

Good chemistry

There are all sorts of ways chemists can use their skills to aid global development, writes Josh Howgego

Climate research heats up

Climate research heats up

Nina Notman meets some of the atmospheric chemists fitting the pieces of the climate change jigsaw together

Spraying crops

Set a fungus to catch a fungus

Ian Le Guillou finds out how the success of the synthetic organic fungicide azoxystrobin showcases the importance of organic chemistry to global food production


Global experiment 1007 086 300tb[1]

A global experiment from the technician’s cupboard

Jan Hodge, technician at a middle school, talks about carrying out the Royal Society of Chemistry's global experiment

A fisherman in Baucau, East Timor, casts a net in the water to catch small fish

Water: A chemical solution

A Global Experiment for the International Year of Chemistry


A crime scene technician wearing white overalls and latex gloves collects evidence from a lawn with some tweezers

Crime-busting chemical analysis

From dog detectives to AI, discover the cutting-edge advances in forensic science

A pile of polystyrene takeaway food containers

Life cycle assessment of fast-food containers

Examining the environmental impact of single-use takeaway packaging


Charles West

Charles West: Research geochemist

Ida Emilie Steinmark talks to a chemist who gave up a career as a footballer

Young, female archaeologist sifting through soil

Amy Styring: Chemist and archaeologist

Archaeology is more than just digging. Emma Stoye meets Amy Styring to excavate the facts

3 x 2 jpg

Oliver Holton: Graduate trainee at Johnson Matthey

Chemistry can take you around the world and into a range of careers. Ian Le Guillou finds out about Oliver Holton’s journey through chemistry