A tomato in a fridge

How science will keep us cool


Discover the climate-friendly refrigeration technologies of the future

Everyday science

A woman rinsing her mouth with mouthwash

Brush up on the science of mouthwash


What chemicals are in mouthwash and is the time you use it important?

A hand drawing the structure of propanol on a whiteboard

How do whiteboard markers work?


Discover the chemistry behind whiteboards and pens – and how to clean their stains

A man working on a silicone mask for a film in a special effects workshop

What are Halloween costume masks made from?


Find out about the creative chemistry behind costume masks

A schematic of a car engine highlighting the pistons and crank shaft

How car engines work


What makes cars go? Discover the science that powers our vehicles

Gill working in a lab

‘Outreach is a really important way to boost young people’s access to science’


Meet Gill Reid, incoming RSC president, inorganic chemistry whizz and fervent supporter of young people in the chemical sciences

A chemistry teacher in a practical lesson explaining to students

‘I love teaching chemical bonding’


Meet Emma Owens, a chemistry teacher with a passion for curriculum design, after-school science clubs and learning from others

A storeroom with archive boxes

Cold case chemistry


Discover the advances in forensic science helping solve decades-old crimes

glow sticks

Decomposition in daily life


Introduce your students to some applications of decomposition reactions: clean energy, bleach and baking

A battery charging to become futuristic

Extraordinary electrodes


How the next generation of rechargeable batteries will be better, safer and greener

A high speed train in a tunnel

How chemistry keeps trains on track


Read about the science that’s been keeping trains chugging along for centuries

A scientist demonstrating how to put on an oxygen mask in an emergency

The science behind emergency oxygen


How chemistry provides oxygen for breathing in emergency situations

Venomous arthropods as comic book heroes

Minibeasts with chemical superpowers


Discover how insect and arachnid defence mechanisms are being used for new medicines and technologies