Molecules of sulfur dioxide being broken down by a laser into oxygen and sulfur

From sulfur dioxide to atmospheric oxygen


Early Earth’s oxygen surge could be partly thanks to volcanic sulfur dioxide

Everyday science

A close up of painting nails with blue polish

What’s in nail polish?


Uncover the polymers and pigments in liquid nail polishes, acrylics and gels

A firefly flying at night with its abdomen glowing

How do fireflies produce light?


Find out how fireflies and other creatures use bioluminescence

A tub of butter with a knife

Butter and margarine: what’s the difference?


Discover the chemistry and history of these so similar, but very different solidified emulsions

A woman rinsing her mouth with mouthwash

Brush up on the science of mouthwash


What chemicals are in mouthwash and is the time you use it important?

A man in a blue lab coat with red glasses in a modern laboratory

‘The best parts are working with enthusiastic students and that no two days are ever the same’

Meet Mike Hughes, a technical specialist who is passionate about chemistry teaching laboratories and technical education pathways

Gill working in a lab

‘Outreach is a really important way to boost young people’s access to science’

Meet Gill Reid, incoming RSC president, inorganic chemistry whizz and fervent supporter of young people in the chemical sciences

Two firefighters tackling a blaze with a hose. They are wearing helmets and protective clothing.

Firefighting chemistry


From polymers to inorganic compounds, discover the remarkable science behind fighting fires

A small green inchworm caterpillar walking on a large red fruit

Alternatives to agrochemicals


Find out how developments in pest control will secure future food production

A cake on a stand with a piece taken out on a paper napkin. The cake is colourfully decorated and has sprinkles baked into the batter.

What links chemistry, cakes and colour?


Discover how regulations spoil the look of our sweet treats – and the chemistry behind it all

A handwritten page from an old Chinese medicine book, a leaf of Artemesia plant, a molecule of Artesunate and Artesunate tablet packaging

From traditional remedies to modern medicines


Discover how chemists are developing breakthrough drugs from natural remedies

A micrograph of an insulating material showing the holes that trap air

The science behind sustainable home insulation

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Are plastics the best option for saving energy in our homes, as well as saving the planet?

A tomato in a fridge

How science will keep us cool


Discover the climate-friendly refrigeration technologies of the future