Three ice cubes melting

How much water makes ice?

Show your students how scientists have created the tiniest ice crystal ever made

Everyday science

An image showing a policeman checking the methane content of a sheep's breath using a breathalyser

Can seaweed-eating sheep curb methane emissions?


Seaweed may not be the silver bullet to farming’s methane problem

An illustration showing a cowboy-style man prepared to tackle a difficult toilet

Poo sticks … and how to stop it


How science is saving water and time spent cleaning the loo

An illustration of wildfires turning the sky red

Why smoke particles turned the sky red


Nina Notman explains why forest fires in Indonesia made the sky look red

A dated photograph showing a man's legs wearing Nike air and kicking sulfur hexafluoride

Sulfur hexafluoride


A gas widely used in electrical devices with 23,500 times the global warming potential of carbon dioxide

An illustration showing trees cleaning the air

How do trees clean our air?

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Investigating the role trees can play in reducing air pollution

An image showing a recyclable battery

New power, old batteries

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Closing the loop in lithium-ion battery recycling from electric cars

An image showing a cheesemonger checking mimolette cheese

Chemists hold the key to perfect cheese

2019-12-02T13:32:00+00:00By , Rob King

Bacterial enzymes play a crucial role in cheesemaking and food chemists take advantage of their role to develop new cheeses

An image showing an archive of ice cores

Frozen in time

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What chemical clues locked away in ancient ice tell us about Earth’s history

Clothing labels showing the words Wardrobe Warriors

Fixing fashion

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What’s the environmental impact of our clothes throughout their life cycle?

An image showing a mask against chemical weapons

Freeing the world from chemical weapons

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Chemists have helped destroy 97% of declared banned substances, finds Andy Extance, and are pushing to get the rest

A photograph of Delphine Farmer, an atmospheric chemist with a colleague using equipment

‘We are missing a massive environmental problem’


Meet Delphine Farmer, an atmospheric chemist who spends her time examining the air that we breathe