A photo of an old plastic doll's head

Plastic conservation


Usually we want plastics to degrade, so what about when we don’t? How chemists are helping museums preserve plastics

Everyday science

An illustration showing giant bottles of hand sanitizer chasing virus aliens in a city landscape

Battle of the hand sanitisers


Are quaternary ammonium compounds just as good at killing Covid-19 as alcohols?

An illustration showing some one using a lemon squeezer on a small moon

Electrochemistry could secure astronauts oxygen on the Moon


Extracting oxygen and metals from moon rock may help build new lunar base

An illustration of a beam of light passing through a whisky bottle to become a rainbow and some tartan, symbolising raman spectroscopy

That’s the spirit!


How Raman spectroscopy is fighting the growing problem of fake whisky

An image showing a diagram illustration with instructions for building the Moon

How was the Moon formed?


New evidence raises further questions about its origins

A photo of a man in graduation robes

‘To find a carbon-neutral and commercially feasible way to produce hydrogen’


Meet Ramy Salemdeeb, an engineer whose passion for the environment and problem-solving has led him from Palestine to Scotland

A photo of a scientist at work

‘Structure and bonding really gets to the heart of chemistry’


Meet Niki Kaiser, a chemistry teacher inspiring others to embrace evidence-based teaching practices

An illustration showing different types of period products, from pads to tampons to cups

Single-use plastic in period products


Forget bags and straws. Disposable period products are a much great contributor to the amount of plastic littering our environment

A full-frame, close-up image of a swirl of melted chocolate

The science of melting chocolate


Use this infographic with your 11–14 students to develop their knowledge of changes of state and their graphing skills

A photo of a woman looking at her smartwatch during a run outdoors

The science of smartwatches


How wearable tech uses chemistry to help monitor your health – with spectroscopy, battery technology and smart materials

Illustrations showing the molecular structures of different allotropes of carbon

Allotropes of carbon


Use this infographic with your 14–16 classes to boost their knowledge of diamond, graphite, graphene and fullerenes

An image showing a coastal scene

Your place or mine? The local business of lithium mining

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Lithium-ion batteries will power the next generation of electric cars, but how can we mine lithium with minimal impact on the environment?

An illustration of a man wearing a white napkin (head out of shot) with a knife and fork sitting down to a plate with a skull and crossbones on, warning of toxic foods

Toxins in food

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Many foods contain toxins such as oxalic acid. How do we balance the risks and benefits to health?