A dog playing in a field of narcissus daffodil flowers

Why are some plants poisonous to you and your pets?


Dig up the toxic secrets of nature’s blooms

Everyday science

A cup of miky tea with a teaspoon of salt

What’s the history and science of tea?


Look into the chemistry in your cup of tea, the global origins of its leaves and why you should add salt

Peering inside the drum of a washing maching on a cycle - there are bright clothes and soap suds

How does washing detergent work?


Discover the chemistry behind bright whites and clean coloured clothes, and the differences between washing powders, liquids and pods

A can of Carlsberg 0.0% alcohol-free beer and a glass sitting on a picnic table outdoors with some snacks on a sunny day

How do brewers make alcohol-free beer taste good?


Distil the chemical processes used to keep beer’s flavour, smell, colour and stability

Leaves on a tree turning red and yellow in the autumn

The chemistry behind leaves changing colour and falling from trees


Discover what causes the seasonal shift in foliage and how to use this as context when teaching colour changes

Wesleigh Dawsmith looking at a homemade remote control car

‘My passion is to inspire young people in STEM’

Meet Wesleigh Dawsmith, a DT technician, STEM ambassador and passionate advocate for science outreach

A man in a blue lab coat with red glasses in a modern laboratory

‘The best parts are working with enthusiastic students and that no two days are ever the same’

Meet Mike Hughes, a technical specialist who is passionate about chemistry teaching laboratories and technical education pathways

Small bowls of different fermented foods - gherkins, sour cream, kimchi, kombucha, saurkraut

Why fermented foods are good for your gut – and your teaching


From kimchi to kefir, tuck into the complex chemistry of fermentation and its health potential

A man holding his nose with a disgusted expression

Sniffing out the science of smells


What makes a bad smell smell bad? Sniff out the chemical culprits behind obnoxious odours

A crime scene technician wearing white overalls and latex gloves collects evidence from a lawn with some tweezers

Crime-busting chemical analysis


From dog detectives to AI, discover the cutting-edge advances in forensic science

A pile of polystyrene takeaway food containers

Life cycle assessment of fast-food containers


Examining the environmental impact of single-use takeaway packaging

A bottle of liquid water in ice

Weird and wonderful water


Why the universal solvent is unlike any other liquid and its properties are still a mystery

Calla lillies on a green background

How science can make burial, cremation and memorial greener


Does alkaline hydrolysis offer a more sustainable approach?