One carved ivory item next to a 3D printed fake

A 3D-printed material replacing elephant ivory


Show your students a new context when studying composite materials and thermosetting polymers

Everyday science

An illustration of a fast charging station for cars

The race for fast-charging cars


Learn how chemists are redesigning batteries to create new, fast-charging options for the future electric cars

An illustration showing giant bottles of hand sanitizer chasing virus aliens in a city landscape

Battle of the hand sanitisers


Are quaternary ammonium compounds just as good at killing Covid-19 as alcohols?

An illustration showing some one using a lemon squeezer on a small moon

Electrochemistry could secure astronauts oxygen on the Moon


Extracting oxygen and metals from moon rock may help build new lunar base

An illustration of a beam of light passing through a whisky bottle to become a rainbow and some tartan, symbolising raman spectroscopy

That’s the spirit!


How Raman spectroscopy is fighting the growing problem of fake whisky

A photo of Katherine Curran working as a conservator at a museum

‘You don’t need to choose between the arts and science’


Meet Katherine Curran, a chemist applying her polymer know-how to the conservation of plastic museum objects

A photo of a man in graduation robes

‘To find a carbon-neutral and commercially feasible way to produce hydrogen’


Meet Ramy Salemdeeb, an engineer whose passion for the environment and problem-solving has led him from Palestine to Scotland

A photo of an industrial factory at night

Transition metal catalysts


How catalysis will be safer and more sustainable in the future

A photo of a melting ice cream cone with raspberry sauce and a flake

How ice cream is made


For a simple combination of milk, cream, sugar and flavourings, there is a lot of science involved in ice cream manufacture

An illustration of a heat pump, a rock and a piece of cake

Real-life contexts for thermodynamics


Use this infographic with your 16–18 students and get them working with thermochemistry, intermolecular forces and free energy

A photo of a cup of coffee with a smiley face appearing in the bubbles

Decaffeination – how does it work?


Organic solvent, supercritical carbon dioxide or water? A knowledge of solvents and solutions is essential for removing caffeine from your daily cuppa

A photo of an old plastic doll's head

Plastic conservation


Usually we want plastics to degrade, so what about when we don’t? How chemists are helping museums preserve plastics

An illustration showing different types of period products, from pads to tampons to cups

Single-use plastic in period products


Forget bags and straws. Disposable period products are a much great contributor to the amount of plastic littering our environment