Women in chemistry


The Big Science fair

A culture of success

Sarah McLusky profiles a sixth form student on the hunt for protein biomarkers

Water bottler being filled from flowing stream

Tara McKernan: Wastewater treatment scientific officer

Tara tells Katrina Krämer how her curiosity about chemistry helps her keep rivers clean

44 abigail storey 1200px

Abigail Storey: Scientific glassblower

Katrina Krämer talks to an art school graduate with the skills that make chemistry research possible

Neelum Munir

Neelum Munir: Chromatography sales specialist

Hayley Simon meets a chemist who built a successful career after some early setbacks

Young, female archaeologist sifting through soil

Amy Styring: Chemist and archaeologist

Archaeology is more than just digging. Emma Stoye meets Amy Styring to excavate the facts

Nicola looking at a test tube with a florescent liquid in

Nicola Dinsdale: Flying the chemical flag

Daniel Johnson finds out about the chemistry behind aerospace engineering and life as a ‘test tube pilot’

Francesca Burgoyne

Francesca Burgoyne: Education executive

Philip Robinson introduces you to RSC ChemNet’s new team member 

Jess Ham

Jess Ham: Winner of the Bill Bryson Prize 2012

Philip Robinson talks to the creator of comic chemistry cartoons

Judith Gegory

Judith Gregory: Procter & Gamble

Judith Gregory is a senior perfume chemist at Procter & Gamble. Josh Howgego finds out about her work, career and finely tuned nose

Nicola Gray

Nicola Gray: Assistant analyst

Nicola is a PhD student from the Drug Control Centre at King’s College London. She will play an important role during the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games this year

Emma shiells

Emma Shiells: Picture editor at the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)

Emma works on magazines and books, sourcing scientific illustrations and photographs

Cartoon scientist, female, long hair, clip board

Claire Wagman: Formulation scientist at Unilever

Clare works on improving the formulation of hair care products. She tells Josh Howgego what it’s like to work on products that are seen on supermarket shelves

Josie Harries

A day in the life of an ink development manager: Josie Harries

Josie Harries has been working for Domino Printing Sciences for five years and has been an ink development manager there for the last year. She talks to Laura Howes about her typical day

Clare Herd

A day in the life of STEM ambassadors coordinator: Clare Herd

Clare Herd has spent the last 3 months working as the local STEM ambassadors coordinator at Thinktank, Birmingham Science Museum. She talks to Laura Howes about her typical day

Jessica Kershaw

A day in the life of a trainee patent attorney: Jessica Kershaw

Jessica Kershaw has spent the past four months as a trainee patent attorney for Carpmaels & Ransford, London. She talks to Tom Westgate about her typical day

Farrah Bhatti

A day in the life of a committee specialist: Farrah Bhatti

Farrah Bhatti is a committee specialist on the House of Commons’ Energy and Climate Change select committee. She talks to Tom Westgate about her typical day

Celia Gitterman

A day in the life of technical editor: Celia Gitterman

Celia Gitterman has spent the past four years working for the Royal Society of Chemistry as a technical editor. She talks to Tom Bond about her typical day

Donna Palmer

A day in the life of project manager: Donna Palmer

Donna has spent the past three years working as a project manager at Pera. She talks to Rachel Bolton-King about her typical day