A chemistry teacher in a science classroom

Take a look inside Falkirk High’s teaching spaces


Discover how Kevin captures students’ attention with movie paraphernalia and real-world learning context

Education in Chemistry

Photograph of Education in Chemistry magazine. Image text: receive a free bimonthly copy of EiC when you register for Teach Chemistry

A high school student daydreaming in class

How to ensure students listen intently


Tried-and-tested strategies to get your students focused and learning

A back pocket with some cards in. The top card says one, two.

Back-pocket solutions


Be ready to face any classroom challenge with these handy scripted phrases

Students in a classroom with their hands up

How to guarantee student participation and recall


Use this teacher-tested questioning and rehearsal strategy to ensure fully engaged learners

  • Demonstrate changes of state using volume differences

  • Creating a supersaturated gas evolving oscillator

  • Demonstrate intermolecular forces with colourful separations

  • Brew up interest in redox with this quick reduction

  • Demonstrating the chameleon redox reaction with a lollipop

Textbooks in a school backpack

Do textbooks need a rewrite?


Discover why not all chemistry textbooks are created equal

Tiny people around an oversized chemistry experiment where an electric spark is going off in a gas syringe.

Linking energy, structure and reactivity


Discover how students reason about energy and chemical structure – and how to boost their understanding

A cartoon of a page flipping between students writing in a classroom and a boy watching a video at home

What’s best: flipped or in-class learning?


Discover how one approach can boost student learning and engagement

A cartoon of young people protesting against climate change

Facing climate change


When young people don’t learn about it in school, where do they get their information?

Carton of a woman in a lab coat balancing on a seesaw. She is holding a clock in one hand and a large coin in the other.

Why I’ve not retired yet


Find out why a chemistry teacher is still in the classroom and the rewards they find in teaching

A digital illustration of three arrows getting to the other side of a wall by different methods - over, under and through

Levelling up access to science careers


How collaboration between industry, science organisations and schools can raise learners’ aspirations

  • How to teach post-16 transition metals and complex ions

  • Everything you need to teach energetics at 14–16

  • How to teach electrochemistry at post-16

  • How to teach gases at 14–16

  • How to teach quantitative chemistry at post-16

Molecules of sulfur dioxide being broken down by a laser into oxygen and sulfur

From sulfur dioxide to atmospheric oxygen

Early Earth’s oxygen surge could be partly thanks to volcanic sulfur dioxide

Two rollers with sticky tape on spread out a silvery substance in to a fine layer

Graphene fabrication gets rolling

Crafting the carbon allotrope with sticky tape

A plastic bottle with fire

Fanning the flames of the climate crisis

Are we burning up our carbon neutrality goals?

Volcano erupting red hot lava

Volcanoes, meteorites and catalysts for life’s origins

Unveiling the role of early Earth’s atmosphere in forming reactive organic molecules

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