Glue dripping from a tube

What’s the world’s strongest glue?


Find out about the world’s stickiest glue and how adhesives bond things together

Education in Chemistry

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A small ladder leans on a book showing the definition of the word particle

Four super replicable steps to embed new vocabulary


Effective tips for teaching tier 2 and 3 terms that’ll improve learning outcomes

A shiny new chain and a rusty one

4 ways to teach redox in terms of electrons


Use these teacher-tested approaches to help learners gain a deeper understanding of redox reactions

High school students with pens and paper looking at balls of play dough laid out in the shape of an atom

Model atomic structure with playdough


Engage your learners with these fun, tactile ideas and models

  • Non-burning paper: investigate the fire triangle and conditions for combustion

  • Illustrate polymer properties with a self-siphoning solution

  • Demonstrate concentration and density with a transition metal colloid cell

  • Highlight transition metal chemistry with an oscillating luminol reaction

  • Reversible reactions with transition metal complexes

Two characters contemplating an NMR on a screen and the bonds it might represent

Improve your learners’ NMR interpretation skills


Encourage students to determine and draw the structures of simple organic molecules with this free, online resource

A group of people collaborating

How best to engage students in group work


Use evidence-based research to help students get the most out of group work

High school students using tablet computers

Reduce cognitive load with an augmented reality learning environment


Discover how to use augmented reality to help students visualise organic mechanisms

One person enters a door on the left door another person leaves a door on the right carrying a box of belongings

Successfully navigating team changes


Staff change is unavoidable, but there are ways to smooth the transition – including cake

A cartoon of women working in different areas of science

STEM is an attractive career prospect for young women and girls


The key is to use clever ways to get them engaged early

Lots of differently coloured fingerprints approach chemistry equipment

Why equity and inclusion are key issues for chemistry teachers


Louise Archer from the ASPIRES project explains the reasons you should prioritise science capital in your classroom

  • How to teach titration post-16

  • Everything you need to introduce alkenes

  • How to teach polymers at post-16

  • How to teach extraction of metals at 14–16

  • How to teach chromatography at post-16

Different brands and flavours of vape juice on a shop shelf

Vaping could cause lung disease

Favourite ester flavours break down into toxic byproducts, predicts AI research

A person in overalls and protective gloves holding a mass of curled metal strips next to a large pile of the same metal strips

Electrolysis gets a boost from metal scraps

Waste metals transformed into catalysts for clean fuel production

Stacked spheres showing the molecular structure of a diamond

New method grows larger diamonds

Use this real-world context when teaching about giant covalent structures

Firefighters in protective silver suits spray a thick white foam from a large hose

PFAS levels in surface and groundwater exposed

Are forever chemicals lurking in your water?

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