A bottle of liquid water in ice

Weird and wonderful water


Why the universal solvent is unlike any other liquid and its properties are still a mystery

Education in Chemistry

Photograph of Education in Chemistry magazine. Image text: receive a free bimonthly copy of EiC when you register for Teach Chemistry

A beaker of dark green bubbling liquid with condensation forming on the side had a temperature probe reporting into a laptop which shows a line graph of the temperature increasing

How to build understanding of Gibbs free energy


Help your students master this fundamental post-16 topic with these effective tips and teaching strategies

A group of wooden red blocks and one orange and one purple wooden pyramids

8 ways to boost student understanding with examples and non-examples


Help students fully grasp tough chemistry concepts by using example sets to explain them

A glass bottle of ethanol labelled highly flammable and harmful with ethanol burning in a spirit burner

How to teach combustion and oxidation at 11–14


Use these 5 tried-and-tested tips to teach combustion safely and effectively

  • Reversible reactions with transition metal complexes

  • Demonstrate changes of state using volume differences

  • Creating a supersaturated gas evolving oscillator

  • Demonstrate intermolecular forces with colourful separations

  • Brew up interest in redox with this quick reduction

A glass conical flask of green liquid in a lab setting

How to banish misconceptions with a green chemistry curriculum


Evidence-informed tips on how a greener approach can improve problem-solving abilities and address misconceptions

The word electrochemistry connected in the style of a circuit board to other related chemistry terms such as thermodynamics, potential difference, chemical equilibrium, electrical circuits, bond concepts, solution chemistry, oxidation states and energy

Overcoming electrochemistry misconceptions


Use evidence-based research and teacher-tested tips to help your students master this challenging topic

Textbooks in a school backpack

How to use textbooks effectively


Discover why not all chemistry textbooks are created equal – and what you can do about it

A cartoon of school students wearing lab coats carrying pieces of a jigsaw showing the elements of a practical chemistry investigation

The realities of reintroducing assignments in Scotland


Teacher Laura Scoular considers what this means for teachers and students

A cartoon of people discussing covid

Share your Covid story


Tell us how you found lockdown, remote teaching, social distancing – your whole experience of the Covid-19 pandemic

An illustration of a pencil split into different science items including a clamp, a conical flask and an energy saving lightbulb

Why AAQs are the future


Discover the diverse and enriching new post-16 study pathways, available from 2025

Meet our 2023 Education Prize winners

Join us in celebrating excellence and innovation in the teaching of chemistry

Find out more
  • Everything you need to teach atomic structure and periodicity at post-16

  • How to teach reversible reactions and equilibrium at 14–16

  • How to teach post-16 transition metals and complex ions

  • Everything you need to teach energetics at 14–16

  • How to teach electrochemistry at post-16

A laser targets an M made of squished blue blobs on a metallic sheet

Making ammonia production greener

Could lasers offer a more sustainable alternative to the Haber process

A diagram showing the nucleus of and atom that starts as Fluorine 29 and loses a proton to become Oxygen 28 which then loses four neutrons to become Oxygen 24

Scientists discover the heaviest oxygen isotope

Help learners delve into atomic structure and isotopes with this research context 

Blue strings hanging down with a white salt crystallizing on them

Tackling global demand for lithium one string at a time

Crystalising lithium salts on strings could be the key to supplying the vast volume needed for a net-zero world

People enjoying a sunny day in a river in a valley

The effect of human leisure on water pollution

From cocaine to antihistamines, the surprising mix of chemicals detected after a day out at the river

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