Education in Chemistry

An image showing potassium burning in water

Measuring energy changes


Get practical with students and arm them with the skills and knowledge they need

A photograph taken inside the Science Museum, London

Targeting science capital

By Louise Hussein

Simple ways to increase students’ enthusiasm for science

An image showing the concept of independent learning

Five ways to promote independent learning


How to help students take responsibility for their own learning

An image showing a shy female student wearing school uniform with a yellow satchel walking with her head down on a corridor lined by blue and grey lockers

Encourage shy pupils to participate


How to include reluctant speakers

  • Bright sparks

  • The blueprint reaction

  • The glow stick reaction

  • Oscillating magic?

  • Lighting up oxygen

An illustration showing the use of a scaffolding to cross a bridge

Enhance explanations of intermolecular forces


How small prompts can result in big leaps in student understanding

Illustration of a balanced set of scales with test tubes on one side (representing practical chemistry) being weighed against computer (theoretical) learning

Which is best: practical or simulation?


Students interact with practicals and simulations differently, but does one approach come with better learning outcomes?

An image showing a student who is sat very close to a computer screen; a molecular structure is on the display, which reflects on his safety spectacles

Animations boost learning


And reduce cognitive load

An image showing cogwheels in a woman's head

Metacognitive motivation


How it can positively influence students’ beliefs in their own abilities

An image showing the assignment of an NMR spectrum

Tackling spectroscopy


Get your students reading spectra like pros

An image showing a health and safety manual on which someone scribbled 'exciting? no!). There are also safety goggles, ear defenders and the edge of a helmet visible

Can health and safety training ever be sexy?

By James Gaynor, David Donaghy

Maybe not, but it’s vital

An image showing golden statues representing academy awards

Academy rewards


Academies and their reliance on non-QTS staff

An image showing chemicals in bottles in a cabinet; a technician can be seen in the background pushing a trolley of glassware

A year in the prep room


Technicians telling it how it is

An illustration showing a diverse group of seven doctors, all wearing different outfits, one with a stethoscope, one with a beard and clipboard, one with glasses

Why A-level chemistry might not make doctors better


Is chemistry at A-level essential for medical school?

An image showing a Batwoman and a Batman Lego figurine

How to be brilliant


By admitting to failing occasionally

  • Measuring energy changes

  • Applying practical knowledge to unfamiliar contexts

  • The periodic table

  • Atoms, molecules and ions

  • States of matter and particle theory


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An image showing kitchen utensils against an earth map

Microbes and renewable energy turn carbon dioxide into edible protein

A new process uses microbes and renewable energy to make proteins for human consumption

An image showing lithium ion batteries

Thank the Nobel prize winners for your mobile phone

Start a lesson with the Nobel prize-winning chemistry involved in lithium-ion batteries

An image showing a view of the campus of Trinity College

Cheaper and simpler to study in Ireland

Why Republic of Ireland universities appeal to UK students

An image showing a distillery factory for Maltwhisky , Kampangphet, Thailand

Catalyst metal recovery adds greener notes to whisky production

Magnetite nanoparticles recover copper waste from whisky manufacturing process