Dipping a toe in an indoor swimming pool

What are you swimming in?


Swimming pool disinfection is essential for public health but carries some risks of its own

Education in Chemistry

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Using a voltmeter on small samples of different elements

Take a microscale approach to electrochemical cells


How you can use Petri dish galvanic cells to support learning about electricity

Hands holding mobile phones with fictional social media posts by John Dalton

Social media scientists


Help students understand how scientific ideas are developed by creating social media posts from historic scientists

A red and a blue balls of plasticine

Modelling ionic bonds with plasticine


Mould your students’ understanding of ionic bond formation and overcome misconceptions

  • The reaction between sodium and chlorine

  • Shocking revelations 2: neutralisation reactions

  • Shocking revelations: a conductometric titration

  • The movement of ions: bringing electrolysis to life

  • Dynamite soap: The combustion of stoichiometric hydrogen–oxygen mixtures

An illustration of a person lighting a lighthouse with a long match

Support students to make sense of models


How your subject knowledge and teaching knowledge combine to transform students’ understanding

Assorted sweets in a sweet shop

Tweak your questions to improve students’ problem-solving skills


How changing the format of practice questions can improve learners’ skills

A cartoon of a hand writing with a pencil in the shape of a double helix

Boost confidence in STEM


Discover how writing tasks can stimulate learning and boost confidence

A teacher showing students some science by a wildlife pond

Co-curricular thinking


The disruption of the pandemic should shake up our thinking when it comes to curriculum planning

A group of three people standing in support of each other

Looking out for one another


Taking care of our mental health and well-being is all our responsibilities, every day

A selection of items belonging to a student including pens

Never lose a pen again


Students borrow your pens and don’t return them? Trade your stationery for more exciting items

  • Teaching redox chemistry post-16

  • How to teach structure determination post-16

  • Teaching chemistry equilibria post-16

  • Teaching organic chemistry post-16

  • Teaching rates of reaction post-16: part 2

Dusty solar panels

Electrostatic charge keeps solar cells gleaming

Look at the life cycle of solar panels suffering from a dusting of silica

Close up of manufacturing printed circuit boards with a laser

War threatens semiconductor production

Link the conflict in Ukraine, the impact on neon production and conflict materials with this story and starter slide

A battery with a background of yellow sulfur on a dockside

A stabilised sulfur allotrope that’s making sustainable Li–S batteries work

Energy-dense lithium–sulfur batteries are making their way into the energy industry

Medications arranged in the shape of a fish

Drug pollution in wastewater

Extent of pharmaceutical pollution on every continent on Earth revealed

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