An exasperated teacher watches students collect lab equipment incorrectly

Establish good learning behaviours in the science lab


Discover how to move from reactive to proactive behaviour management

Education in Chemistry

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Progression in improving making a paper aeroplane

Creating a culture of error


Use these 5 teacher-tested tips to help your students learn (and grow) from their mistakes

Students complete a test in a giant exercise book

7 steps to hassle-free retrieval practice


How to use this popular technique to assess student understanding, with no planning and minimal fuss

Popcorn popping from kernels

Popping corn – or nuclear decay?


Try this idea when teaching unstable atoms and radioactivity

  • The production and combustion of nitrocellulose

  • Demonstrating the heating curve of tert-butanol

  • The reaction between sodium and chlorine

  • Shocking revelations 2: neutralisation reactions

  • Shocking revelations: a conductometric titration

Creating ideas from reading

Boost scientific inquiry skills with strategies for reading and reflection


Tips to help students effectively design experiments and form researchable questions

People consider the stereoisomers of serine

Improve students’ understanding of stereoisomers with these evidence-based ideas


Discover three effective methods to help your students understand molecular rotations

Three high school students in a practical chemistry class

Ensure chemistry students get the most out of practical work


Top tips from research to improve understanding and collaboration in practicals

A Dickensian teacher with supportive ghosts teaching a class of modern students

How to support schools in hard times


The realities of teaching in challenging circumstances, and the truth about the help schools need

People moving from an area of confusing signs to one of definite direction

Backing a new baccalaureate


Is a broader, combined vocational and academic qualification a good idea?


Never write another lesson plan template again


Lesson planning is essential, lesson plan templates are not 

  • Teaching energy and change post-16

  • Teaching curly arrows at post-16

  • Teaching redox chemistry post-16

  • How to teach structure determination post-16

  • Teaching chemistry equilibria post-16

Two firefighters tackling a blaze on an aircraft with water hoses and the fir engine in the background

Composite fibre could protect firefighters from extreme heat

The next-generation aerogel with superior thermal insulation could be used to make heat protective clothing and spacecraft shielding

Transition metals

Transforming the catalytic potential of metals

Designer catalysts are breaking the known rules of reactions

A digital illustration of the Chang'e 5 lunar lander

Lunar soil offers a promising catalyst

The Moon’s surface offers potential for ‘extraterrestrial photosynthesis’ to make oxygen, hydrogen and other fuels

Students working in a lab

Compact reverse osmosis to make potable water

Meet the students who have desiged a cheap and portable desalinating water bottle

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