An illustration of a chocolatier, a cacao pod and a thermometer with different types of chocolate

Melting chocolate


Use this infographic with your 11–14 students to develop their knowledge of cooling ranges and skills with graphs

Education in Chemistry

Photograph of Education in Chemistry magazine. Image text: receive a free bimonthly copy of EiC when you register for Teach Chemistry

An illustration of a school girl doing a chemisty lesson online

How to make the most of practical videos


Use these four strategies to ensure successful learning – whether remote learning or in school

A photo of a highschool student in a face mask using hand sanitizer

4 strategies to get students to follow hygiene rules in school


Why a positive approach helps students follow the rules: practical tips for encouraging your students to better follow mask and handwashing rules during the Covid-19 pandemic

A photo looking down a spiral staircase with people climbing up

Where to start with teach-to-the-top differentiation


Don’t limit your students: try this approach and provide everyone the support they need to reach the top

  • The screaming jelly baby

  • The reaction of magnesium with steam

  • Superheated steam

  • When life gives you lemons (or oranges)

  • Don’t go breakin’ (down) my (love) heart

An illustration of a giant teacher lifting the roof on a school lab to see how the students are reacting

5 tips for approaching formative assessment


Use these research-informed teaching tips to better uncover your classes’ core chemical thinking

A cartoon of a target with many arrows, most have missed

4 tips for using testing to assist learning


Why giving students short quizzes after an exam improves their chemistry learning performance

An illustration of a person handling knowledge

This is why you should teach metacognition explicitly


Research-based tips to ensure that metacognitive strategies become a life-long part of your students’ study skills

An illustration of a woman shouting through a loud speaker surrounded by chemical formulas

Developing chemical common sense


Eliminate students’ silly mistakes with this advice from Kristy Turner

An illustration of teachers chasing paperwork

Teachers are the hardest working professionals


Could this explain why so many of your colleagues leave teaching?

An illustration of a man in a kitchen on a video call

When All This Is Over®


Looking back on 2020 what should we keep? asks EiC’s managing editor Paul MacLellan, tongue firmly in cheek

  • How to teach the chemistry of the rock cycle at 11–14

  • How to teach earth science at 11–14

  • Working with 2D and 3D models in chemistry

  • How to teach materials at 11–14

  • How to approach graphs in chemistry

An illustration showing chemistry teachers and school lab technicians working together

Why schools need more science technicians

Boosting technician numbers could improve workload for everyone – but how can it be done?

A photo of rechargeable battery pack installed in the electric car

Recycling lithium from electric vehicle batteries

Start a lesson with news of a mechanochemical recovery method that’s better for the environment

Van with person in hi-vis refueling a jet engine

Carbon dioxide catalysis making jet fuel

Use this starter slide to begin your lessons on catalysts or ways of reducing global warming

An image showing the ancient Maya city of Tiakal

How ancient Maya peoples made potable water

Use this starter slide to begin your lessons on drinking water and water treatment with some historical context

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