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A teacher using digital tools to teach chemistry

Make the most of OneNote in your classroom


5 effective ways to teach chemistry with digital technology

A girl in school uniform with a headscarf heats a testube of liquid over a bunsen burner

How to teach risk assessment skills


Help your students learn how to keep the laboratory safe

A girl in school uniform considers how concentration might affect a reaction

Boost student confidence constructing hypotheses


Ideas to help you teach this essential scientific skill

Meet our 2022 Education Prize winners

Join us in celebrating excellence and innovation in the teaching of chemistry

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  • Brew up interest in redox with this speedy vanadium demo

  • Demonstrating the chameleon redox reaction with a lollipop

  • Demonstrating the importance of surface area to rates of reaction

  • The production and combustion of nitrocellulose

  • Demonstrating the heating curve of tert-butanol

An illustration representing critical thinking

Developing critical thinking skills


Use real-world context to help your students adopt a holistic problem-solving approach

A cartoon of a school student climbing a giant bar graph

Making sense of graphs


Help your students successfully interpret data

A spoon of salt and spoon of water

Is every substance a molecule?


Use this to help chemistry students accurately apply covalent bonding models 

A cartoon of a projection of a robot coming from a laptop

AI bots can do your students’ homework


AI is readily available and willing to write about chemistry for your learners. The question is whether it’s a bad idea

Students in a practical lesson

Re-evaluating how we teach practicals


Why a science technician thinks we need to take a closer look at practicals

Plastic pipette tips and sample tubes

Combatting plastic pollution in class


Bring the fight against plastic pollution to your classroom with these hands-on resources from Common Seas 

  • Teaching spectroscopic techniques at post-16

  • How to teach ionic bonding at 14–16

  • How to teach entropy at post-16

  • How to teach covalent bonding

  • Teaching organic synthesis at post-16

A fuel station sign for hydrogen

Creating green energy from seawater

Scientists combine desalination and electrolysis to produce clean hydrogen fuel 

A collage of different items made of PVC including pipes, windows, boots and cloth

Recycling PVC with electrolysis

New method for recycling poly(vinylchloride) uses electrolysis to extract valuable chlorinated products

A recycling symbol showing an industrial process, electro-chemistry and gold

Recycling catalysts with electrochemistry

Use this research context to show students how, and why, industry recover their catalysts

Waste mixed plastics

A hybrid recycling process for mixed plastics

Investigate plastic and recycling through the combined power of chemistry and biology

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