An illustration of a sad-looking girl in a crowd

How to look after students’ well-being


Signs to look out for and how to help during the pandemic

Education in Chemistry

Photograph of Education in Chemistry magazine. Image text: receive a free bimonthly copy of EiC when you register for Teach Chemistry

A photo of a chef in a kitchen using a flambé technique

Put organic chemistry concepts in context


3 ways to teach 14–16 students how to apply their knowledge to new scenarios and prepare them for exams

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Strategies to boost learning

By Bill Wilkinson

You’ll be hooked on these approaches to improving the quality of student work

An illustration showing a student riding an elephant across a tightrope

Locked-out learners


How to get students back into learning

  • Superheated steam

  • When life gives you lemons (or oranges)

  • Don’t go breakin’ (down) my (love) heart

  • Fire stopper

  • Avogadro in action

An illustration of a head with curly arrows

Students’ writing reveals understanding of electron pushing


Use written assignments to probe student understanding of organic mechanisms

An illustration showing four students in discussion.

New scaffolding method improves student argumentation


The key to a good argument is flowing SOLO

A photo of primary school students building molecule models using Molymods

Should we teach chemistry from primary?


Secondary school teacher Ian Stuart shares the benefits of teaching atomic theory to seven- and eight-year olds

A illustration on a scales where one person is outweighing a group on the other side

The exams balancing act


This hasn’t been a normal summer. And the chaos caused by concerns about grade inflation won’t just affect this year’s students

An image showing a medical mask, bottles of hand sanitzer and pencils on a desk in a school classroom.

Tackling practicals in a Covid-secure way


What will practical classes look like next year? One technician shares their thoughts

  • Working with 2D and 3D models in chemistry

  • How to teach materials at 11–14

  • How to approach graphs in chemistry

  • How to teach chemical energetics

  • How to make effective use of pre-recorded lessons

A photo of salt crystals forming above a solution

Salt crystal grows legs

The hydrophobic surface avoidance techniques of salt

Sweets lined up on a table with a set of dental tools in front

Nanoparticles stopping tooth decay

Cerium oxide works to disrupt cavity-forming biofilms

Bundle of face masks on a white table

Face masks and coronavirus

The science behind face coverings

Built Structure On Field By Buildings Against Sky with a solar panel

Merging solar cell and battery tech

Photo-rechargeable electrochemical cells

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