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Effective strategies for homework success


Consolidate in-class learning consistently and effectively so your students ace their exams

Education in Chemistry

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Effective strategies for homework success


Consolidate in-class learning consistently and effectively so your students ace their exams

A school student making a poster showing an experiment and results

Using academic posters to present information


Help your students learn how to communicate their results effectively

The blocks for carbon, hydrogen and oxygen from the periodic table with a 3D structure for citric acid

5 ways to teach elements, compounds and mixtures at 11–14


Use these teacher-tested ideas to ensure your students don’t get mixed up about chemical substances

Education Prizes 2023

It’s time to recognise the teams, collaborations and individuals making an impact in science education

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  • Demonstrate intermolecular forces with colourful separations

  • Brew up interest in redox with this quick reduction

  • Demonstrating the chameleon redox reaction with a lollipop

  • Demonstrating the importance of surface area to rates of reaction

  • The production and combustion of nitrocellulose

A cartoon of a man subscribing to different science video channels

How to choose the best multimedia resources for your teaching


Tops tips to help you select videos that reduce cognitive load and boost learning

A close up image of a snowflake

Drawing to embed complex chemical concepts

By ,

Discover how drawing diagrams can help boost student understanding

An illustration representing critical thinking

Developing critical thinking skills


Use real-world context to help your students adopt a holistic problem-solving approach

A cartoon of lab technicians at work

Recognition for technicians


Are we acknowledging their importance in science education?

A cartoon of a woman on a laptop looking at graphs from all over a map of the world

Why we should take a global view of education research


Kristy Turner spotlights unconscious bias in education research and encourages everyone to look beyond the obvious sources

A cartoon of a projection of a robot coming from a laptop

AI bots can do your students’ homework


AI is readily available and willing to write about chemistry for your learners. The question is whether it’s a bad idea

  • How to teach moles at post-16

  • How to teach intermolecular forces at 14–16

  • Teaching spectroscopic techniques at post-16

  • How to teach ionic bonding at 14–16

  • How to teach entropy at post-16

A large fossil fuel-powered shipping container on the ocean

Using seawater to reduce our carbon footprint

Ocean carbon capture system offers a new way to tackle rising atmospheric carbon dioxide levels

A man wearing a hard hat and hi-vis vest planting a tree in rough ground

Nickel-loving plants help to recycle poly(ethene)

Phytomining is helping to recycle single-use plastics 

A herd of sheep in a rural road in India with traffic building up behind them

Nitrogen dioxide is a pollution problem in rural areas

Rural areas aren’t safe from pollution as study finds they contain 41% of the country’s total nitrogen dioxide

A woman wrapped up in a wooly hat and scarf with fogged up glasses

Preventing condensation with nanotechnology

The sunlight-activated nanofilm putting an end to misty glasses and windows

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