A cartoon strip of a manager interacting with his colleagues

What I’ve learned as HOD


Use these tips to thrive in a school leadership role

Education in Chemistry - Staffroom articles

Three prominent figures in science

Why is my chemistry curriculum White?


Decolonising the chemistry curriculums at universities and in schools

An illustration of crossing paths

The challenges of multi-course chemistry teaching


Teaching more than one course in a single class is commonplace for many teachers in Scotland and multi-course teaching of chemistry can be particularly complex

A school science prep room

12 top tips for safe science in your school


Advice for technicians (and teachers) on safely opening up the prep room and on ensuring a successful start to practical work

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Everything you need to succeed in your first year of teaching

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From setting up your classroom to planning lessons via emergency snacks, this is how to prepare

  • Look inside the labs of Truro College in Cornwall

  • Be nosy – peek inside a fellow teacher’s chemistry lab

  • Welcome to the teaching spaces of The Ladies’ College

  • Step into Pocklington School’s science labs

  • Want to see inside other chemistry classrooms?

  • Curious about other chemistry classrooms?

  • Who teaches in a space like this?

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Puzzles from this issue

Sharpen your subject knowledge over the holidays with this science-themed quick crossword and anagram word search