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Should we rethink when we teach groups 1, 7 and 0?


Embedding fundamental chemistry skills effectively may require some resequencing

Education in Chemistry - Staffroom articles

Three prominent figures in science

Why is my chemistry curriculum White?


Decolonising the chemistry curriculums at universities and in schools

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The challenges of multi-course chemistry teaching


Teaching more than one course in a single class is commonplace for many teachers in Scotland and multi-course teaching of chemistry can be particularly complex

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Learning from lesson observations


How to use them effectively to develop subject knowledge

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Help students transition from primary to secondary


It’s tough growing into a new identity as a secondary school student. Here’s how teachers can help ease the transformation

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Teacher well-being hub

The place to go for ideas and strategies on supporting your well-being and maintaining good mental health

  • Curious about other chemistry classrooms?

  • Who teaches in a space like this?

Expert answers to trainees' burning questions

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Classroom questions: Reducing teacher talk, beating NQT exhaustion and boosting test performance

Experts answer questions about reducing teacher talk, NQT exhaustion and helping pupils whose test performance doesn’t match their classroom understanding

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Classroom questions: finding a job and choosing a school

Experts answer questions about choosing the right school from trainee, newly qualified and early career teachers

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Puzzles from this issue

Take a break from teaching and test your own science knowledge with this crossword and word search