A cartoon of young people protesting against climate change

Facing climate change


When young people don’t learn about it in school, where do they get their information?

Education in Chemistry - Staffroom articles

Carton of a woman in a lab coat balancing on a seesaw. She is holding a clock in one hand and a large coin in the other.

Why I’ve not retired yet


Find out why a chemistry teacher is still in the classroom and the rewards they find in teaching

A digital illustration of three arrows getting to the other side of a wall by different methods - over, under and through

Levelling up access to science careers


How collaboration between industry, science organisations and schools can raise learners’ aspirations

  • Check out the labs at Lawnswood School in Leeds

  • Discover the one-of-a-kind labs at St Columba’s College in Dublin

  • Sneak a look inside the labs of St Ambrose High in Scotland

  • Explore Kemi’s inspirational teaching space

  • The new labs at Launceston College in Cornwall

  • A peek inside Tarporley High School’s teaching spaces

  • Look inside the labs of Truro College in Cornwall

  • Be nosy – peek inside a fellow teacher’s chemistry lab

  • Welcome to the teaching spaces of The Ladies’ College

  • Step into Pocklington School’s science labs

An image showing happy faces on a blackboard

Teacher well-being hub

The place to go for ideas and strategies on supporting your well-being and maintaining good mental health

A cartoon of tiny people with a giant mug of tea and pot of pencils, arranging building blocks to spell cross and word

Quick science-themed crossword

A relaxing way to refresh your scientific thinking for the new school year

A three way split in a road. The sign for A-levels to the left has a school warning. The sign for T-levels in the middle warns it is under construction. The sign for BTECs on the right is warning the road is closed.

The end of BTECs?


Find out how changes to post-16 qualifications could impact your science students

A man whose head is a tool box full of DIY tools

Boost your teaching practice with subject-specific personal development


Drill down to the evidence base supporting it, what’s on offer and some barriers to accessing it

Burnt out matches

Burnt-out and exhausted


Recent surveys and statistics echo anecdotal evidence that teachers are overworked and stressed. And it’s no different for science teachers