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Make time for time off

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How to not spend your holidays planning for the new term

Education in Chemistry - Staffroom articles

A spotlight on a small covid virus casting a large silhouette on a wall

How I felt as a teacher trainer in the pandemic


A chemistry lead from a PGCE recalls how they adapted to lockdowns and reflects on what that experience means for teacher training now

A cartoon of a woman on a laptop looking at graphs from all over a map of the world

Why we should take a global view of education research


Kristy Turner spotlights unconscious bias in education research and encourages everyone to look beyond the obvious sources

  • Discover the one-of-a-kind labs at St Columba’s College in Dublin

  • Sneak a look inside the labs of St Ambrose High in Scotland

  • Explore Kemi’s inspirational teaching space

  • The new labs at Launceston College in Cornwall

  • A peek inside Tarporley High School’s teaching spaces

  • Look inside the labs of Truro College in Cornwall

  • Be nosy – peek inside a fellow teacher’s chemistry lab

  • Welcome to the teaching spaces of The Ladies’ College

  • Step into Pocklington School’s science labs

  • Want to see inside other chemistry classrooms?

An image showing happy faces on a blackboard

Teacher well-being hub

The place to go for ideas and strategies on supporting your well-being and maintaining good mental health

A bunch of pink tulips, a cup of tea and a puzzle book and pencil

Quick science-themed crossword

The Easter chocolate may be long gone, but you can still relax with a puzzle

A man whose head is a tool box full of DIY tools

What professional development do science teachers want?


Drill down to the evidence base supporting it, what’s on offer and some barriers to accessing it

A line of people and one is being erased by a giant pencil with a rubber on the end

Moving on from workplace bullying


Discover how one teacher stepped away from an unhealthy situation at a school to restore his mental health and teaching career

Burnt out matches

Burnt-out and exhausted


Recent surveys and statistics echo anecdotal evidence that teachers are overworked and stressed. And it’s no different for science teachers