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Starting university during a pandemic


What awaits this year’s cohort of undergraduate chemistry students?

Education in Chemistry - Staffroom articles

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Holiday in the time of Covid-19


How to use the long summer break to prepare for the new challenges of the next academic year

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What students think about cancelled exams


How are they feeling? Are they thrilled not to be revising, or are they studying hard, readying themselves to start university this autumn?

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Where to find mental health support

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Sources of support for teachers experiencing mental ill health

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How can an educational psychologist help with teacher mental health?

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Educational psychologist Katy Goymour gives her advice on stress management

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Gauging exam grades 2020


Weighing up the pros and cons of this year’s exam assessment systems

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Teachers share their dos and don’ts of remote teaching


How distance learning is working out in Ireland

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Why declining science scores are no reason to panic


PISA provides an interesting background to teaching, but is it only for policymakers?

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Teacher well-being hub

The place to go for ideas and strategies on supporting your well-being and maintaining good mental health