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7 tips to weather the cost of living crisis

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Use these thrifty ideas to reduce the impact of the economic downturn in your classroom

Education in Chemistry - Staffroom articles

Three prominent figures in science

Why is my chemistry curriculum White?


Decolonising the chemistry curriculums at universities and in schools

An illustration of crossing paths

The challenges of multi-course chemistry teaching


Teaching more than one course in a single class is commonplace for many teachers in Scotland and multi-course teaching of chemistry can be particularly complex

Cardboard cut-out teachers

Where have all the science specialists gone?


Read about the ongoing science teacher supply challenge and the potential solutions

Hundreds of digital tablets

Are tablets an essential classroom aid?


Find out the pros and cons of using technology in your classroom

  • The new labs at Launceston College in Cornwall

  • A peek inside Tarporley High School’s teaching spaces

  • Look inside the labs of Truro College in Cornwall

  • Be nosy – peek inside a fellow teacher’s chemistry lab

  • Welcome to the teaching spaces of The Ladies’ College

  • Step into Pocklington School’s science labs

  • Want to see inside other chemistry classrooms?

  • Curious about other chemistry classrooms?

  • Who teaches in a space like this?

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Teacher well-being hub

The place to go for ideas and strategies on supporting your well-being and maintaining good mental health

Early career conversations

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Nail every practical lesson

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Great advice for new (and experienced) teachers to ensure classroom experiments go well every time

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Everything you need to make friends at school

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Advice and insight into building relationships with all school staff, not just teachers, and pupils in your first years of teaching

A cartoon of a projection of a robot coming from a laptop

AI bots can do your students’ homework


AI is readily available and willing to write about chemistry for your learners. The question is whether it’s a bad idea

Plastic pipette tips and sample tubes

Combatting plastic pollution in class


Bring the fight against plastic pollution to your classroom with these hands-on resources from Common Seas 

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Quick science-themed crossword

Need a challenge? This is just what you want