One person enters a door on the left door another person leaves a door on the right carrying a box of belongings

Successfully navigating team changes


Staff change is unavoidable, but there are ways to smooth the transition – including cake

Education in Chemistry - Staffroom articles

A cartoon of women working in different areas of science

STEM is an attractive career prospect for young women and girls


The key is to use clever ways to get them engaged early

Lots of differently coloured fingerprints approach chemistry equipment

Why equity and inclusion are key issues for chemistry teachers


Louise Archer from the ASPIRES project explains the reasons you should prioritise science capital in your classroom

  • Your guide to the UK Chemistry Olympiad

  • Why you and your students should get involved in the Olympiad

  • ‘It’s a really enjoyable experience’

  • How to run a successful Chemistry Olympiad club

  • ‘Having a go at something really difficult builds confidence’

  • Simply the best – classic questions from UK Chemistry Olympiads

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Teacher well-being hub

The place to go for ideas and strategies on supporting your well-being and maintaining good mental health

  • Peek inside Rose’s lab at Frederick Gent School

  • Inside the labs at Long Road Sixth Form College

  • A rare look inside a small island school: Castlebay Community School

  • Look inside the teaching spaces at St Clare’s, County Leitrim

  • Take a look inside Falkirk High’s teaching spaces

  • Check out the labs at Lawnswood School in Leeds

  • Discover the one-of-a-kind labs at St Columba’s College in Dublin

  • Sneak a look inside the labs of St Ambrose High in Scotland

  • Explore Kemi’s inspirational teaching space

  • The new labs at Launceston College in Cornwall

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Quick science-themed crossword

Challenge your scientific knowledge with this quick, brain-teasing crossword

A tablet computer showing different states of matter and a beaker of water

Enhance students’ learning and development with digital resources


Tips and a model to improve learners’ understanding and develop vital skills using digital learning

An hourglass that has been split in two and the sand swirls in the space between.

Longer classes: what’s the verdict?


Discover why one school has switched to fewer, longer lessons in a school day – and how it’s going

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Reviewing the ECF


Do new teachers leave the early career framework a five-star review or are they left with a bad taste in their mouths?