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Education in Chemistry - Staffroom articles

A woman pushing play on an oversized remote control.

Why I use video to teach chemistry concepts


Helen Rogerson shares why and when videos are useful in the chemistry classroom

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Why I don’t use video to explain chemistry concepts


Discover Adam Boxer’s reasons for favouring a teacher’s explanation over a video

  • A rare look inside a small island school: Castlebay Community School

  • Look inside the teaching spaces at St Clare’s, County Leitrim

  • Take a look inside Falkirk High’s teaching spaces

  • Check out the labs at Lawnswood School in Leeds

  • Discover the one-of-a-kind labs at St Columba’s College in Dublin

  • Sneak a look inside the labs of St Ambrose High in Scotland

  • Explore Kemi’s inspirational teaching space

  • The new labs at Launceston College in Cornwall

  • A peek inside Tarporley High School’s teaching spaces

  • Look inside the labs of Truro College in Cornwall

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Teacher well-being hub

The place to go for ideas and strategies on supporting your well-being and maintaining good mental health

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Quick science-themed crossword

Challenge your scientific knowledge with this quick, brain-teasing crossword

A teacher and students all wearing VR headsets examine an electron shell orbital diagram in 3d

The science classroom of the future


AI is revolutionising the world and your classroom – what will your teaching space look like in 2044?

A board game with dice that shows the progression through Chemistry by asking questions and using practical skills.

Playful learning improves outcomes


Discover why this approach engages secondary learners, supports their well-being and improves performance

A cartoon of a lab technician in a white coat pushes a shopping trolley of chemicals up the slope of an increasing graph

The chemicals cost crisis


As prices rise fast, some schools reluctantly cut back on practical work