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An image showing a line drawing of a brain

5 invaluable lessons from cognitive science


And how they can improve your teaching forever

An image showing a health and safety manual on which someone scribbled 'exciting? no!). There are also safety goggles, ear defenders and the edge of a helmet visible

Can health and safety training ever be sexy?

By James Gaynor, David Donaghy

Maybe not, but it’s vital

An image showing golden statues representing academy awards

Academy rewards


Academies and their reliance on non-QTS staff

An image showing chemicals in bottles in a cabinet; a technician can be seen in the background pushing a trolley of glassware

A year in the prep room


Technicians telling it how it is

An illustration showing a diverse group of seven doctors, all wearing different outfits, one with a stethoscope, one with a beard and clipboard, one with glasses

Why A-level chemistry might not make doctors better


Is chemistry at A-level essential for medical school?

An image showing a Batwoman and a Batman Lego figurine

How to be brilliant


By admitting to failing occasionally

An illustration showing a silhouette man on an unicycle, balancing using a giant pencil

Skills or knowledge?


How education is failing students

All Opinion

An image showing the Slovaki olympiad team

The extraordinary success of the Slovak Olympiad team


Martina Hestericova meets the volunteers behind Slovakia’s chemistry Olympiad success story

Illustration showing a classroom with four teacher silhouettes navigating their own career ladders

Young and in charge


Is promoting teachers early in their careers good for schools?

An image showing teachers during a workshop

Keeping up to date


Best practice for professional development

An image showing a view of the campus of Trinity College

Cheaper and simpler to study in Ireland


Why Republic of Ireland universities appeal to UK students

An image showing a female teacher and a student inspecting A level results, shot from above, no faces visible

Taking stock of 2019's results


Exam entries and grades rise

An illustration showing a woman hanging off the bottom of an unravelling, long to-do list

Overworked and undervalued?


TALIS survey reveals reality of teaching in England

An image showing a woman taking notes on a clipboard

Just good intentions from Ofsted?


How the new rule book will affect you

Gold stars

Recognition for outstanding contributions to chemistry education


Meet the winners of this year’s RSC awards for chemistry educators