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Four glass beakers holding different volumes of different metals

How to teach moles at post-16


Use this explainer to help students overcome misconceptions of this fundamental quantity

A diagram showing the hydrogen bond between two water molecules

How to teach intermolecular forces at 14–16


Use these ideas to help your students master this challenging topic and gain a deeper understanding of the forces at play

A spectrum

Teaching spectroscopic techniques at post-16


Use these ideas and resources to help your students master spectroscopy

A round glass flask holding blue liquid and a teabag

Brew up interest in redox with this quick reduction


Use this fresh, fast approach to demonstrate the colourful oxidation states of vanadium

Oxidation states

Demonstrating the chameleon redox reaction with a lollipop


Give your students a sweet treat with this colourful manganate(VII) reaction demo

Fire exploding from a can

Demonstrating the importance of surface area to rates of reaction


Use a combustible powder demo to engage students and teach them about safety in the lab

Three diagram showing how electron shells and orbits relate to the periodic table

How to teach electron configurations


Everything you need to help your post-16 students understand orbitals and shells

A cartoon of singing chemistry teachers and happy students

4 ways to boost behaviour management


Use these tips to improve student behaviour and attainment – collaboratively and consistently

Tiny students climbing ladders among lab equipment as directed by a teacher to claim chemistry prizes

Set your students up for success

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Use these simple steps to better understand and meet individual students’ needs 

A diagram showing the energy changes in a Born Haber cycle

Mastering the Born–Haber cycle


Five steps to confidence for your post-16 learners

A cartoon of a man subscribing to different science video channels

How to choose the best multimedia resources for your teaching


Tops tips to help you select videos that reduce cognitive load and boost learning

A close up image of a snowflake

Drawing to embed complex chemical concepts


Discover how drawing diagrams can help boost student understanding

An illustration representing critical thinking

Developing critical thinking skills


Use real-world context to help your students adopt a holistic problem-solving approach

A cartoon of a school student climbing a giant bar graph

Making sense of graphs


Help your students successfully interpret data

A spoon of salt and spoon of water

Is every substance a molecule?


Use this to help chemistry students accurately apply covalent bonding models 

A colourful joyful figure among drab ones

Teaching with enthusiasm


Is it important?