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A photo of ceramic and plastic cups

How to teach materials at 11–14


Use real life examples to help students get to grips with the properties of ceramics, polymers and composites

An image showing a rocket launch

How to teach chemical energetics


Exothermic reactions go beyond simply combustion – use these tips to boost student understanding of energy transfer

An image showing a girl studying a computer screen, sat at a desk, with a mug and biscuits to her left, all in front of a window

How to make effective use of pre-recorded lessons


Try this great approach for introducing new content and letting learners rewatch to their heart’s desire

A photo of a hand drawing circles on a whiteboard that turn into blue spheres

Working with 2D and 3D models in chemistry

2020-10-13T11:06:00+01:00By Joe Ogborn

Support students to get a better grasp of geometric shapes and improve their learning

A photo of a school student drawing a graph

How to approach graphs in chemistry


Help your students turn graphs from pictures into mathematical objects

A photo of a heated test tube containing magnesium burning in steam, with another flame burning the hydrogen coming off

The reaction of magnesium with steam


How to bridge a common gap in students’ understanding of the reactivity series

An image of a jet of steam

Superheated steam


Ready to start a fire with water? Use this demo to teach students about enthalpy and properties of water

An image of juice from a piece of orange peel burning

When life gives you lemons (or oranges)


Teach your students about volatile organic compounds with these juicy demonstrations

A bold picture of the word quiz bursting through the screen

The grand end of term quiz


Looking for something fun to wrap up the term? Challenge your 14–16 students with this chemistry-themed quiz

An image of a dietician surrounding by formulae of vitamins and food additives

Why you need A-level chemistry to study dietetics

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Which parts of the chemistry curriculum will your 16–18 students find useful to become a dietician?

A woman hiding from the spotlight of playing concert piano

How to combat perfectionism in your students


Steer perfectionism in the classroom in positive ways

An illustration of people climbing DNA strands out of lab equipment

Raise your students’ aspirations


Try these effective strategies to inspire pupils to pursue STEM subjects and careers

An illustration of a man using a pipe to tame graphs on his computer

Rationalising rates


What to look out for when teaching graphs in reaction kinetics

An illustration showing four people piecing a box together

Harness self-regulation to nurture independent study skills


Follow these tips to engage students with learning processes

An illustration of a head with curly arrows

Students’ writing reveals understanding of electron pushing


Use written assignments to probe student understanding of organic mechanisms

An illustration showing four students in discussion.

New scaffolding method improves student argumentation


The key to a good argument is flowing SOLO

An image showing a map

Concept maps and creative exercises: the dream team?


Two tools are better than one

An image showing a picture of a writing feather versus a modern computer

Learning organic mechanisms – does technology help?


Are chemistry learning applications really worthwhile?