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How to make effective use of pre-recorded lessons


Try this great approach for introducing new content and letting learners rewatch to their heart’s desire

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Using investigations to engage your 11–14 students


Try this proven approach to remote teaching with your science classes

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Use on-screen simulations to successfully boost data skills


Perfect for remote teaching, but they’ve a role in classroom settings too

An image of a person weighing out a reagent on a balance scale

Improve students’ data handling


Teach pupils how to handle significant figures, decimal places and uncertainty in measurements

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A better approach to algebra


Get students to leave behind troublesome techniques when solving algebraic equations

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When life gives you lemons (or oranges)


Teach your students about volatile organic compounds with these juicy demonstrations

An image of sugar burning in an evaporating dish

Don’t go breakin’ (down) my (love) heart


Teach chemical change and the thermal stability of carbonates with this simple demonstration using sweets

An image of a hand pouring a beaker of CO2 gas over some candles to extinguish them

Fire stopper


Teach the extinguishing properties and density of CO₂ safely

An image showing the word FEAR written in chalk and partially erased with a sponge

Taking the fear out of time-of-flight calculations

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Get the teaching of TOF-MS right and student outcomes will really soar

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Why you need A-level chemistry to study pharmacy


Why chemistry is essential to understand and manufacture safe, effective medicines

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How to tackle context in exams


Teach students how to apply their knowledge, not parrot back information

An image showing a tooth on a background comprising of hand-drawn chemical structures

Why you need A-level chemistry to study dentistry


Understanding enamel, fillings and anaesthetics requires chemistry knowledge

An image showing a picture of a writing feather versus a modern computer

Learning organic mechanisms – does technology help?


Are chemistry learning applications really worthwhile?

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Making effective use of collaborative learning


Get group tasks right and boost student learning

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Mastering organic chemistry reactions


Try these tools and tips for teaching electron pushing

An image showing test tubes forming a bar graph

Research points the way to help teach Maxwell—Boltzmann distributions


How to avoid faulty knowledge application by students when teaching distributions of states

An image showing a salt shaker; NaCl symbols and multiple lattice structures of sodium chloride are coming out of it

Students’ struggle with multiple representations


How important is it for students to be able to move between chemical representations to grasp fundamental chemical concepts and phenomena?

A conceptual illustration for thinking

Philosophical discussion promotes confidence in the classroom


How encouraging students to engage in philosophical dialogue can yield surprising results