Everything you need to successfully manage behaviour in your classroom and lab

Managing behaviour is an inevitable part of a teacher’s daily grind. It can add stress and undue weight to an already cumbersome workload, as well as affect classroom morale and outcomes. And struggling students can get lost in the wake of it. So, every teacher needs an arsenal of targeted and effective behaviour management strategies to ensure they can work with their students to achieve their best outcomes. And this is paramount in a chemistry department, with all its hazards and distractors.

In 2019, the Education Endowment Foundation published a guidance report with six key recommendations to improve behaviour in schools. Now, some of our practising teachers and teacher trainers have used these recommendations, combined with their years of classroom experience, to create six advice-packed articles so you can successfully manage student behaviour in your lab. Why not get started with Kristy Turner’s humorous take on the challenges of managing behaviour in the chemistry lab.