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Displaying profiles of real-life chemists in the classroom is a great way to spark your students’ interest and demonstrate how they can make a difference to the world with chemistry. The profiles we have selected showcase chemists from diverse backgrounds who have all taken different routes into chemistry.

Download job profile print-outs

Photograph of chemist, Celine Moreira

Analytical technician, plastics (pdf)

Celine modifies plastics so they can biodegrade in the natural environment. 

Photograph of Joseph Goodwin, laboratory analyst

Laboratory analyst for water (pdf)

Apprentice Joseph ensures there is clean, safe water for everyone in the UK.

Photograph of chemist, Holly Carter

Associate scientist for pharmacueticals (pdf)

Holly is developing new medicines while studying towards her degree apprenticeship.

Photo of Dr Iqbal, Research Fellow, the University of Birmingham

Battery recycling research fellow (pdf)

Zubera is leading the charge on lithium-ion battery recycling for electric vehicles.

Making the differerence campaign posters

Photo of the chemistry making the difference poster

More chemistry career posters

Pack contains posters for our five key topics: Changing lives, Fixing the future, Challenging opinions, Being the catalyst and Innovating industry. 

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