The Royal Society of Chemistry's (RSC) Chemistry Week 2009 will run from 7-15 November with food as its theme

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This year's theme is food

The Royal Society of Chemistry's (RSC) Chemistry Week 2009 will run from 7-15 November. Organised by the RSC and its network of 35 local sections and held every two years, this UK-wide initiative aims to promote a positive image of chemistry and increase the public understanding of the importance of chemical science in our everyday lives. This year the week's theme is Food and the programme of events will demonstrate the vital role of chemistry in providing healthy and sustainable food.

During Chemistry Week several events will be hosted at the RSC's London headquarters in the new Chemistry Centre, which will open in the autumn. Details of school events taking place at the centre will be circulated to schools and colleges in the southeast of England. If your institution intends to host a demonstration lecture during Chemistry Week, you can find details of speakers on the RSC presenters' list on the RSC website. Over the summer more presenters with food-themed talks will be added to the list.  

To support food-themed activities in schools and colleges during Chemistry Week the RSC has set up a gateway to online resources and information on food and nutrition, which can be accessed by clicking on the 'Food 2009' image on the RSC website. These resources include food-related articles previously published in Education in Chemistry, which cover topics such as the physical chemistry of making ice cream, GM foods, the origins of quality control in the food and drink industry, and the chemistry of spices. There are also InfoChem articles aimed at 14-18-year old chemistry students on obesity, omega-3 fatty acids and the benefits of eating five fruit and veg a day. The RSC will also be producing resources such as posters, stickers etc for schools and colleges to use to promote Chemistry Week during the autumn term. 

For further information on Chemistry Week and how to get involved, including the contact details of your RSC local section's Chemistry Week coordinator, visit the RSC website.