Inspiring the next generation

Meet the RSC team

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The International Year of Chemistry kicks off at the 2011 ASE Annual Conference at The University of Reading from Wednesday 5 to Saturday 8 January. The full range of RSC materials will be on display at the RSC stand in the central marquee (exhibition runs Thursday to Saturday only):

  • Review over 270 teaching and learning resources
  • Sign up for CPD and training courses
  • Enter Competitions and Prizes
  • Register for Careers advice and support
  • Pick up your copy of Education in Chemistry and give us your feedback

RSC Workshops and talks at ASE

Thursday 1400
BC21 Practical Chemistry Workshop 
Cost £12
Book in advance via

Thursday 1130 
Enhancing practical Chemistry using the LabSkills resource 

Friday 1130 
Labskills Project supported by Getting Practical

Friday 1600 
Talk: Royal Society of Chemistry Education Policy in the International Year of Chemistry 

Saturday 1130 
Talk: Inspiring Chemistry.
Flash bang demonstration lecture