Following recent restructuring at the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) several new staff have taken up roles related to the RSC's education activities

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Source: RSC

Following recent restructuring at the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) and the creation of its new Science, Education and Industry (SEI) directorate, several new staff have taken up roles related to the RSC's education activities. Mario Moustras, the RSC's industry manager, will double as acting manager for education while covering for maternity leave. Ellen Weavers, previously head of chemistry at King's School, Rochester, will liaise with government and its agencies on issues and policy relating to science education in schools and colleges and lead the development of curriculum materials to support the teaching of chemistry in schools and colleges. Robert Bowles, who since its launch in 2007 has managed ChemNet, the RSC's network for 16-18-year old students, joins Weavers in the schools and colleges team and is responsible for enhancement and enrichment activities and careers-related support. 

Moving from roles in the RSC's publishing division, Vikki Allen and Philip Robinson are responsible for initiatives developed from strands of the Chemistry for our future pilot programme, which the RSC will continue to run under the umbrella of the national HE STEM programme. These will include the successful teacher fellowship scheme and Spectroscopy in a suitcase.  

The RSC is in the process of building a new regional network through which it will run its educational activities. The new structure will be based on nine regional centres sited across the UK, each led by a local coordinator, and the network will be managed centrally by the RSC. 

In February Professor Jim Iley, currently head of the department of chemistry and analytical sciences at the Open University will join the RSC as director of science and education. Iley will take charge of the education team as the RSC looks to refocus its education work to support its strategic aims. As Education in Chemistry went to press Dr Neville Reed continues in his role as acting manager director for the SEI directorate while the RSC recruits a managing director.