In November at an awards ceremony held in London the Salters' Institute awarded its first-ever chemistry teacher fellowships to Sandra Clinton (Brighton, Hove and Sussex Sixth Form College), Adrian Guy (Blundells School, Devon) and Karen Tann (Frances Bardsley School for Girls, Romford).



The awards replace the Salters' chemistry teacher prize, first run in 1992, and are designed to continue the Institute's efforts to support and foster the talent of excellent chemistry teachers.  

The new fellows, all of whom are previous winners or medallists of the Salters' chemistry teacher prize, were invited to apply for the award by identifying a project they wanted to do that would benefit the teaching of chemistry at their own and other schools. As fellows they get to spend 10 days at the national Science Learning Centre in York working on their projects.  

Sandra Clinton's fellowship focuses on producing a web-based database of teaching resources relevant to post-16 chemistry. Adrian Guy is filming a collection of demonstrations he uses to teach KS3, GCSE and A-level chemistry to be made available through a website or on DVD. In her project Karen Tann is developing new approaches to teach chemistry using the visual arts.