The RSC has launched Learn Chemistry, providing stimulating, interactive learning resources

The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) has launched Learn Chemistry. This is an innovative platform designed to support chemistry teaching and learning. It provides stimulating, interactive resources which relate science to the challenges faced by today's society. 

The site provides a diverse range of content which includes experiments, activities, careers materials and videos. Key features include quick and easy searching, intuitive navigation filters and advice on related resources. It also provides the opportunity for teachers to share ideas and opinions with others. 

Learn chemistry webpage

Learn Chemistry  aims to engage students by helping them to explore the relevance of chemistry in everyday life, through inspirational videos. These show science at work in industry and teach core chemical concepts in real life contexts. 

Resources such as Investigate Chemistry allow students to apply their knowledge and practical skills to topics which affect their everyday lives. Topics include finding out the fat content in crisps, the chemistry behind hand warmers as well as the causes and effects of global warming. 

Kitchen Chemistry is a series of practical and written exercises which encourage students to investigate the chemistry of food and cooking. Teachers can guide students through these topics with the help of resource packs containing activities, questions and lesson plans. 

Talk Chemistry is a forum based community area. Teachers can use this to discuss and share resources, lesson plans and ideas for best practice. 

Through Learn Chemistry, teachers can also stay connected to the latest scientific research through articles from Education in Chemistry  and Chemistry World

The Learn Chemistry  platform will continue to grow and develop during 2012 and new resources will be launched every month. Watch out for the RSC's London 2012 Olympics site which will launch early in the year. This will look at the role chemistry plays in sport, provide video interviews with key sporting figures and host a global experiment that everyone can get involved with.

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