Karen J Ogilvie reports on how the RSC backs pedagogical research in science education

Higher education teacher

Many academics use innovative approaches in their teaching and to evaluate students' response and effectiveness. At what point do such activities become significant enough to be classed as research? How do scientists get to grips with research methodologies from the social sciences that will enable them to gather meaningful evidence on student learning?   

Getting started in pedagogical research in Higher Education will take place on 28 March 2012 at the Chemistry Centre. This workshop is for academics who want to move their interest in innovation in teaching and learning to the next level. It will explore these issues and equip participants with the research tools to move their practice to the next level, and consider how and where to publish their outcomes. Visit the Higher Education Workshop webpage to see the full program and register today.

Bursary opportunity

Due to better funding, there is more high quality pedagogical research taking place in US higher education (HE) than in the UK.   

To help raise the profile of research in this area, the RSC is offering UK researchers the opportunity to widen their contacts and explore this research in the US. A number of bursaries, up to £1500 per applicant, are available to RSC members who are employed in HE and carrying out pedagogical research. These are to help cover the cost of attending a major conference in the US. The aim is that successful applicants will develop contacts, gain an appreciation of research being carried out in the US and set up research collaborations.   

For events in 2012, applications must be received by 31 January 2012.