A school in Hounslow has broken the record for the world's largest chemistry lesson

801 pupils at The Heathland School were simultaneously taught about collision theory by Suvi Mohey, the Head of Chemistry. 

Sweets of various sizes

Source: 123rf

Students from Years 7, 8 and 9 gathered in the school sports hall for the event. They all took part in an experiment to show the effect that surface area has on the rate of reaction, by sucking sweets of various sizes. 

'At our school A-level chemistry is a popular subject' said Miss Mohey, 'however we wanted to raise the profile of the subject lower down the school'. 

The lesson was independently witnessed by a member of staff from the Royal Society of Chemistry. However, the school must wait to see if Guinness World Records officially ratifies their record attempt. 

The previous record was held by Technolopolis and Essencia, Belgium, who taught 562 students in a chemistry lesson in February 2011.