A free resource to aid informed classroom discussion

A pencil rubbing out a DNA strand

Source: Lightspring / Shutterstock.com

One of sciberbrain.org’s topics is genetic engineering

Created by the Biochemical Society, SciberBrain helps students explore and discuss controversial aspects of science and make informed judgments.

The resources cover six different biochemical topics, each available at two different ability levels. All of the topics start with a background information video, before giving students a variety of activities to investigate. These include electronic quizzes, some religious studies support and discussion topic starters for group activities.

Using this in the classroom, my pupils began to understand where other opinions came from and it helped them to see both sides of the argument. I think SciberBrain stands out from the crowd because it teaches students about the science and then explores various opinions in a non-judgemental manner.

What was nice to see was the additional lesson support and suggested lesson formats to approach each topic. While they are a little basic, there are some useful ideas for how to use resources in the classroom.

The site worked reasonably well on most devices. Just ensure you check the resource you want to use prior to the lesson, as there are some broken links throughout the site. This is a little disappointing, but it’s quite easy to search for the correct URLs. The quizzes are generally good and, although there are a few typos, they are nicely thought out multiple choice questions that really test students’ understanding.

It is essential to find resources that help students explore opinions different to their own and open their minds to other points of view. With a wide range of support for teachers and reams of resources for pupils, this website is a useful find.