Lee Cronin reviews the second edition

Nanochemistry (2nd edn)
Geoffrey A. Ozin, André C. Arsenault and Ludovico Cademartiri
Cambridge: RSC 2008 | Pp876 | £45.00 | ISBN 978 1 84 755895 4

Nanochemistry cover

A text on nanoscience from the chemical perspective, this second edition is not only highly current and accessible, it is full of insights and ideas. The authors also offer grounded comments that aim to dismiss the hype over some aspects of nanoscience but maintain an enthusiastic overview. 

I liked the scope of the book since it is ideal for an advanced undergraduate, or more likely a graduate student who has just started a PhD or advanced study in the area. The text provides a grounding in the basics, and tackles more advanced aspects as well as providing key references to research into chemical nanoscience. There is also a list of relevant questions and ideas in 'nanofood for thought' sections designed to promote discussion. 

If you want to enthuse your students about nanochemistry, then I highly recommend this book.