January 2012

We launch into the new year with our new student magazine

Cover - The Mole, January 2014


We launch into the new year with our new student magazine - The Mole is aimed at anyone who finds themselves inspired to dig deeper into chemistry. It brings together the latest applications of chemistry in everyday life along with news, events, advice about university applications and potential careers. The Mole is published six times a year, the print version is distributed with Education in Chemistry and it is also available online. Please tell your students and encourage them to visit The Mole website for the latest in cutting edge chemistry topics. 

2012 promises to be a year of continuing change and innovations. As I write, I look forward to the ASE conference in Liverpool and the opportunity to talk to some of you. Over the coming months you will see more of your suggestions from the 2011 Reader Survey implemented in Education in Chemistry. There will be a stronger focus on CPD and building a professional teaching community, which reflects our new mission statement. We begin by looking at Twitter and CPD in this issue's Endpoint. 

The RSC is also pushing ahead with the launch of its Learn Chemistry platform. This provides a one-stop shop for the tools and resources anyone needs to teach and learn about chemistry. My favourite resource is the new Visual Elements Periodic Table. This is a beautifully presented interactive website and offers all you need to know about the elements in a new and exciting way. 

Following this theme, we take a closer look at the periodic table which has not always been the design icon that we all know. It continues to evolve and fuel debate. We also consider how chemistry works in the world around us with a particularly interesting insight into the world of chemical patents and the discovery of new ruthenium based anti-cancer drugs. The teaching feature in this issue gives students some 'time out' to touch and feel the world around them during lectures. 

Here's to successful teaching in 2012.